Top 17 Gardening Apps for Gardeners

The setting out and caring of a plot of land devoted partially or entirely to the growing of plants such as flowers, herbs, or vegetables is referred to as gardening. Gardening in the decorative sense requires a certain amount of civilization to thrive. People have made efforts to make their environment into an appealing exhibition wherever that level has been reached, in all parts of the world and at all times.

Top 17 Gardening Apps for Gardeners
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Gardening appears to be an instinctive and even enthusiastic response to nature, engendering a desire to develop growth and harmony in a creative partnership with it. In Western countries, there has been a spectacular increase in interest in gardening. Horticultural wholesalers, nurseries, garden centers, and seed companies saw extraordinary growth as a result of the increasing interest. Gardening books, magazines, and newspaper articles have a devoted following, while television and radio broadcasts on the subject have a loyal audience.

Gardening has many and varied appeals, and it is arguably unusual among the arts and crafts in that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. The gardening experience begins with a child’s astonishment that a package of seeds will generate a delightful festival of color at its most basic, but not least valuable, level. It can be as easy as assisting in the growth of a healthy and edible carrot at the adult level, and it can inspire nearly parental pride.

Because there are so many variables, it requires a higher degree of awareness to comprehend the complexity of the gardening process, which is like a chess game with nature. To make gardening understandable easily to the young generation who are very much enthusiastic about technology, even mobile applications and websites have evolved to practice gardening. Let’s check out top 17 gardening apps for gardeners.

Top 17 gardening apps for gardeners


This software was formerly known as Smartplant, is aimed at both gardeners and plant owners. When you attach your plants to a list on the app, you can also build a care calendar. As a result, you’ll get monthly reminders of your plant management responsibilities, ensuring that your plants stay healthy. If you use the free version of the app, you will only be able to care for three plants; PlantSnap will give you reminders on how to care for them. You will be able to receive reminders, and even call professionals an unlimited number of times if you purchase a membership

Moon and Garden

Many people think that the phase of the moon has a significant impact on plant growth. Moon & Garden is a unique application that controls your plants using biodynamics. The lunar calendar displays the current phase of the moon as well as the zodiac components associated with that phase.  With your smartphone, you can manage an organic garden. You’ll find out when the moon rises and sets, how near it is to Earth and even the ecliptic latitude.

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My Leaf

It includes excellent image recognition software that can identify trees or plants based on their leaves. Because of the detailed text and attractive high-resolution graphics, you’ll appreciate this app. seeds, fruits, and bark are among the high-quality images available. Analyzing leaves and retrieving comparable data from a database are some of the features.

Garden Answer Plant Identification:

Both iOS and Android users may use this software for free. We may search almost 20,000 different plants in the database and if it can’t, you may pay $2 for an expert identification from a botanist, along with extra information and care instructions. The main goal of this is to assist you to recognise any plants you come across while also learning more about the plants that are currently flourishing in your yard. Simply take a photo of the plant you want to learn about and submit it to the app, and it will answer all of your questions. 

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Grow IT

This free smartphone app is for you if you wish to communicate with other plant enthusiasts for your knowledge. This gardening tool is useful for determining which plants will thrive in your location. If you need more inspiration, you can even ask the community to help you identify certain plants, assess other people’s gardens, and look at the most beautiful ones available. You may now zoom in on plant cards and photos in questions for faster horticulture identification, share a plant card, navigate to another member’s profile, and get updated search results, better mapping, and more thanks to recent changes.

I Naturalist

This free app is for you if you’ve ever observed a strange insect in your yard or wondered what sort of bird comes to sing to you every morning. While it isn’t primarily for gardening, it has a wealth of knowledge that is invaluable to anybody who is interested in nature on any level. This social network, which was co-founded by the California Academy of Sciences and National Geographic, allows you to take a photo and receive fast identification of plants, birds, and animals from other nature enthusiasts. It’s also a terrific way to help youngsters get more connected to nature.

Nature Id

Nature id is a fantastic hobbyist tool that combines nature and technology in a unique way. The magic of plant identification will reveal a tree’s secret through its leaf, detect all unusual seedlings in your garden, and prevent you from accidentally removing a bloom. It has a 4.2/5 rating on Google Play.

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PlantNet Plant Identification: 

When you don’t have access to a botanist, a plant net is a valuable tool that allows you to identify plants just by shooting them with your smartphone. All of the images were gathered and studied by experts all across the world in order to better understand and preserve plant biodiversity. It has a 4.3 rating in the Google Play Store, making it one of the most popular apps.

Garden Manager

This brand-new software is dedicated to assisting you in getting the most out of your edible garden. This virtual gardening coach guides you through a series of questions from planting to harvest. It offers three membership options that will guide you through the season and provide you with reminders about what to do and when. It’s also connected to weather stations, so it can warn you when it’s time to cover vulnerable plants in case of a frost.


Gardroid is a user-friendly program that not only keeps track of our plants but also teaches us about their growth and requirements. You may see a progress indicator next to your plant when you specify the date you planted it. It also offers various capabilities, such as the ability to make comments and items to the calendar concerning your plant. It will also inform us of the PH level of the soil, allowing us to determine how deep and far apart to sow seeds.

Gardening Manager

This is straightforward. We can use this program anywhere in the globe since we can change the display language to Spanish, German, French, and many other languages. You can keep track of your garden dairy here and see how it grows over the seasons. These tips can assist you to avoid making the same mistakes in the future when it comes to gardening.

Garden Journal

This software keeps track of what you’ve planted, as well as how frequently you should water, trim, and care for it. It also features a section on pest advice, which can help you keep any unwanted visitors away. It’s free, but you can subscribe to the Garden Planner program, which includes email reminders and the ability to create veg garden layouts.

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Gardenize was designed for gardeners who are accustomed to keeping things neat and tidy. It keeps track of all the plants in your garden and provides information about how to care for them, such as location, crop rotation, and yearly plant and crop tracking. You can keep all of your plant notes and images in one location. Growing your own food or even microgreens is a terrific way to add variety to your diet while still staying healthy. To get decent outcomes, you’ll need some practice, and apps will always inform you what to do next.


It’s one of the greatest gardening applications available. If you’re searching for a simple schedule for planting garden veggies, Gardenate might be the answer. The nicest aspect about this program is that it works even when you aren’t connected to the internet. It teaches us how to properly care for plants and when to plant them. Gardenate has experienced a significant transformation over time, changing it into a very compatible gardening software that can be downloaded on a variety of tablets and smartphones. This software is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It is only $0.09 per unit. 


Waterbot is one of these apps that will always remind you to water your garden when the time comes. The software will be useful even if you only have a few flowers in your house pots. Simply connect your plants to the Waterbot app, and the app will keep track of their health. You will be advised, if required, of the exact amount of water to use and when to water them.

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My Lawn

We care about plants, but we don’t devote nearly enough attention to lawns. The lawn care app will offer advice and ideas for caring for plants. You only have to update the app with information about your lawn, and it will offer the requested information in the format you need. It is compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

My Soil

This is the only app regarding soil qualities that we will recommend. It’s an app made for European nations. This software utilizes GPS to detect your exact location and gives you soil statistics such as depth, texture, pH, temperature, organic matter concentration, and dominating ecosystems.


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