How to Grow Copper Money Plant in Pots

Introduction on how to grow copper money plant in pots: Copper money Plants are small perennial aquatic plants. It can live happily indoors in a brightly lit environment or outdoors in full sunlight. However, it needs a lot of water – for indoors, it is kept in a saucer, and for outdoors, they make great pond plants because of their umbrella-like leaves, which provide shade for fish and other creatures.

How to Grow Copper Money Plant in Pots
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An umbrella-shaped leaf distinguishes the plant, which commonly lives in swamps, wetlands, and marshes. It can even survive in deeper water. The perennial herbaceous plant only grows up to 20 centimeters in height. The plant smells like carrots and is edible. There are numerous creeping offshoots of this marsh plant, up to 1 meter long. Serrated, rounded, shield-shaped leaves can grow up to 4 centimeters in diameter, typically smaller. Located in the middle of the underside of the leaf are the long, hairy petioles.

Green, shiny, waxy, with precise, radially extending veins, the leaves are fresh. So are the tiny, inconspicuous flowers of low-flowered golden hermaphrodites? A group of inflorescences or whorls, whose stems are about half as long as the leaves. Greenish, white, or reddish petals. They bloom between July and August. Their fruit is flat, warty, and winged—a copper money plant in a pretty flower print pot. Indoors or outdoors (indirect light) is also a water plant, so there is no worry of overwatering. Perfect as home décor or as a gift for friends, colleagues, or family.

How to grow copper money plant 

Requirement for light

Copper money plants thrive in medium to bright intensity indirect light. Keep your plant symmetrical by rotating it regularly. Do not place it in a location that receives harsh, direct sunlight, so the delicate leaves are not burned. Plants that can adapt to lower light levels may become leggy, have fewer offshoots, and have smaller leaves. However, when grown under bright light conditions, this plant is most attractive at its best. 

Choose a soil

The soil should be rich and well-draining for the copper money plant. A potting mix based on peat or coir is the best organic potting mix. Amending the soil with perlite will ensure the soil does not become waterlogged. It is ideal for this plant to have a soil pH between 6.0 and 7.0.

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Choose a soil
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Maintain regular watering

The water needs of this evergreen perennial are considered medium. Therefore, water your plants well after they have dried out between waterings. When the copper money plant dries out, its leaves will droop, indicating that it needs watering.

Choose climate and humidity

Copper money plants can tolerate the average household temperature and humidity. However, wherever possible, avoid overly dry conditions – this usually means keeping the plants away from heating vents and baseboards. Copper money plants can withstand freezing temperatures but do not expose them to temperatures below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) when kept indoors. Exposure to cold temperatures during the winter may help to promote blooming.


The copper money plant benefits from monthly fertilization during the spring and summer. However, the best fertilizer is a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer. Do not fertilize during the fall and winter months when the plant is dormant. 

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Growing in the right places

The best lighting conditions for Copper money plants are a bright light and no direct sunlight. Direct sunlight scorches the leaves, and light shade may help the leaves grow more prominent. Furthermore, they are hardy down to freezing, and a period of cool temperatures may make their tiny white flowers on pink stems more likely to bloom.


Use a pot with drainage holes for the copper money plant to prevent root rot caused by excess water. It is good to use a plastic nursery pot as a cheap option. Terracotta pots are often recommended against growing copper money plants because they absorb water and allow it to evaporate rapidly, causing your soil to become too dry. Nursery pots do not appeal to you? No worries. You can place the plant and plastic pot inside a decorative overpot and remove them when it is time to water.

Take care and maintain

Pot with drainage holes is required for the Copper money plant, which requires potting soil that drains well. Soil needs to dry between waterings, and more water is required in warmer, sunnier weather. When the leaves start looking limp, that’s a sign that the plant needs water. You should rotate your Copper money plant at least once a week to prevent it from becoming lopsided. These plants benefit from regular showers or wiping down their leaves since large leaves collect dust. During spring and summer, apply an all-purpose plant fertilizer every month. You may want to move your plant outside during warmer weather, but again, keep it away from direct sunlight.

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Pot with drainage holes
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Because this plant is relatively easy to propagate, it has spread so far without being widely sold commercially. You can separate plantlets from happy plants by letting them grow in the soil. Cut the baby plant free by following the stem about an inch under the soil with a clean, sharp knife. Plant the new seed in a pot and keep the soil moist until the new leaves appear and the plant is established. It is also possible to cut new plantlets directly from the stem, place them in water until roots develop in a week or two, and follow the same procedure as above.

Tips for growing copper money plant

  • Give your plant the Care it needs to keep those lovely circular leaves looking good. Let it soak up some sun. However, in the summer months, be cautious not to leave it directly in the sun. It would be such a pity to burn off all that pretty greenery. You will be happier with bright indirect sunlight, so make sure you have a big bright window nearby. They will grow tall and leggy with too little light. Also, make sure those leaves aren’t dusty to get the total amount of light they need.
  • The Care of the copper money plant includes watering. Indoor plants, just like humans, can become extremely thirsty. Check that the soil is dry to the touch before watering this houseplant once a week. A finger can be inserted an inch into the soil to do this. Wet soil needs to be waited for a few days before doing this. Wet soil is not suitable for them.

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Watering Can
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  • It has likely been overwatered whenever you notice your plant’s leaves turning yellow or falling off. Gently pull off yellowing leaves close to the soil to encourage healthy plant growth. Make sure the soil has dried out a bit before watering it again. There is no need to worry. You shouldn’t be alarmed if some of the leaves turn yellow. Older leaves turn yellow naturally as they age. New leaves will grow as the old ones fall off. While the Copper money plant is quite resilient, it requires good care to thrive. 
  • In summer and spring, fertilize your plants once a month. You should also feed your plants when the mother plant produces baby plants.
  • If you want your plants to grow well, make sure they have all the nutrients they need in the spring and summer. You should feed your copper money plant once a month with indoor plant food. Overfeeding your plant can cause your leaves to turn soft.

Frequently asked questions about growing copper money plants in pots 

1. What is the lifespan of copper money plants?

You might find this plant to be the perfect houseplant if you are looking for a plant that can withstand warm weather and is relatively easy to maintain. A Copper money plant can live up to ten years if it receives adequate watering, fertilizer, and sunlight.

2. What is the fastest way to grow copper money plants?

Copper Money plants grow toward the light if you keep them near a window. Solar light is very beneficial for the copper money plant, and it thrives well in solar colors. Therefore, it will grow faster if kept near a window to get sunlight.

3. When should you water a copper money plant?

Summer is the perfect time to water copper money plants once every seven to ten days since the soil also needs to dry out between watering sessions. Nevertheless, the gap must not extend so far that the soil cracks. Therefore, one can touch the topsoil feel how dry it is, and decide when to water again.

4. How come copper money plant leaves are turning yellow?

The most common reason for yellowing leaves on copper Money plants is improper soil moisture from overwatering. They don’t like wet feet. Therefore, yellowing leaves are most commonly caused by improper soil moisture from overwatering. In addition, the roots of copper money plants dislike wet feet, which causes the roots to rot, ultimately killing the plant. Therefore, Browning and yellowing leaves are the first signs of root rot.

5. What is the best way to maintain the copper money plant?

  • Water should be changed frequently – ideally once a week
  • If a plant is kept in soil, ensure it is not overwatered since this can hinder its growth
  • Make sure it is regularly trimmed
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • To maintain its health, remove dry or dead leaves


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