Growing Money Plant in Pots, Indoors at Home

Growing Money Plant in Pots.
Growing Money Plant in Pots.

A step by step guide for growing money plant in pots, indoors

Let us learn the growing of money plant in pots at your home. Money plant can easily be grown in pots, containers, indoors, outdoors, backyard, on the terrace, in the balcony or in the kitchen garden. Money plant is a popular houseplant that is grown indoors mostly in water or in soil. It is believed that having a money plant at home brings many benefits such as good luck, happiness, wealth and prosperity. The scientific name of the money tree plant is Epipremnum aureum. Money plant is known by many other names such as golden pothos, silver vine, devil’s vine, Solomon Islands ivy, hunter’s robe, ivy arum, taro vine, feng shui money plant, etc.

Money plants (pothos) are evergreen climbers that can produce up to 20 m high, requiring no extensive care. They are easy to grow, both in soil and water-filled bottles, jars and any container.

Requirements for growing money plant indoors:

Requirements of Money Plant.
Requirements of Money Plant.

Generally, growing money plants in pots allow you to be growing money plants indoors or in a small space in your backyard or in your terrace.

As an indoor plant money plant can reach more than 2 meters in height if it is given adequate support (a tutor to climb), but hardly develops adult-sized leaves. The best results are reaching by providing indirect light; it tolerates an intense luminosity, but long periods of direct sunlight burn the leaves. It lives well with a temperature range between 17 and 30 °C. Generally, the plant will need watering when the soil feels dry to the touch. Liquid fertilizer can be added in the spring and it should be replanted every two years. The money plant grows rapidly in hydroponic culture.

Money plant is grown mostly indoors and its special characteristic is that it can grow even in a water-filled bottle without any soil.

Propagation of money plant

Money plant can be propagated and grown very easily from stem cuttings in water, in a pot or soil if you take proper money plant care.

Money plant is easy to propagate. The money plant is very easily grown from a cutting. Monet plants can be grown in both soil and water.

Selecting a pot and soil

When you are planning for growing money plant in pots, you should be aware of suitable soil and pot.

  • The size of pot would depend upon the size of the money plant you wish to grow.
  • Select a pot that will help you from preventing the money plant from falling off. For a homegrown houseplant, you can start using a small size pot about six inches.
  • You can prefer clay, ceramic or plastic pots at the beginning. Later when the grows and matures, you can utilize big pots or containers at home.
  • Money plant mostly prefers neutral soil with a pH range between 6 to 7.5. When the money plants reach a certain height, you can add more amount of potting mix soil that contains peat moss or perlite.

How to prepare the Pot

Just place the wood exactly at the middle of the pot, push it until it gets to the bottom, make sure it is straight, and then make the soil harden to hold it right there. You must use at least a 12-inch pot and be sure it’s good quality.

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The best planting time of money plant

You can start planting money plant in any season anytime.

Soil requirement for growing money plant:

Money plant needs good soil that allows good aeration and drainage. While you can use regular soil also, it’s best to consult gardener before you decide to pot the money plant.

The water requirement for growing money plant in pots:

  • One of the main key factors to good money plant care is proper watering. Money trees like water, but won’t tolerate being overwatered for long. Consistent overwatering a money plant will cause root rot, and eventually kill the money plant.
  • Money trees don’t need as much water during the winter as they do in the summer season, so allow the soil to dry out a bit more between watering in the winter.
  • Water the plant once every 2 to 3 weeks in winter and once every 7-10 days during summer.

Money plant light requirements

  • One of the main reasons growing money plant indoors is so easy is because they aren’t super picky about lighting.
  • Growing money plants prefer bright, indirect light. But they will adapt to lower light conditions, particularly during the winter, which makes them excellent low light houseplants.
  • They will essentially suffer if they get too much sun. Too much direct sunlight can burn their leaves, so maintain it out of that sunny window.

Growing money plant in soil:

Let us discuss the growing money plant in a pot;

First method:
  • Select a medium-sized pot with holes at the bottom to supply good drainage. The growth of the money plant depends on the selected pot size.
  • Fill the pot with free-draining good soil.
  • Make a hole in the soil and insert the node of the cut stem and fill the hole with the good soil.
  • Water well once the roots are formed to produce it faster. The money plant growing in the soil does not require too much water. Water your money plant every 8 days to 10 days.
  • Over-watering for money plant will cause roots to rot. Money plant leaves turning yellow and curling up is the sign of excessive watering.
  • Put a stick in the potting soil, so that the vine can climb.

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Second method:

To help the money plant to grow faster, first put the cutting in water as above and let the roots develop. You can then carefully transfer the money plant to a pot containing soil.

Fertilizer and manure of money plant

Normally, no fertilizer is necessary for growing a money plant. However, you can provide a liquid nitrate-based feed occasionally. You can create a homemade fertilizer for money plant by adding used tea leaves, coffee grounds and powdered eggshells in soil.

Pruning and Repotting of money plant

Best time to prune money plant is the winter season but is essentially not necessary. If you wish to trim off the small unhealthy leaves and stems to encourage new growth improved prune all at once instead of pruning at different times. Make use of gardening tools like shears, scissors, and cutters to prune the money plant.

Re-pot the money plant during spring season or summer season while the plant is actively growing. As the plant grows bigger (establishes roots) every year you want to transplant it to bigger pots or containers.

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Trimming of money plant

If you do not prune the money plant, it will grow very long. To maintain the size of the money plant, carefully prune the plant each year so that it stays low to the trunk with a compact look. Following tips are for how to trim a money plant to give it a bush-like shape.

  • Remove dry or yellow or dead leaves and branches to maintain the money plant healthy and prevent the tree from wasting energy on a dead branch.
  • Cutting the tips of the growing branches prevent the money tree from growing very taller after it reaches the height you want and to encourage new branches and more dense foliage.
  • Continue cutting the extra leaves and branches to maintain the plant in shape. Cut about 1/3rd of a plant stem at 45-degree angle.

How to care your money plant:

Here we discuss how to care for the money plant;

Here is the step by step procedure to care for your money plants at indoors;

  • Usually repotting can be done for every 2 to 3 years in case of the money tree.
  • Give a nice and beautiful look to your money plant using pruning shears.
  • During the winter season, the money plant does not require too much water to thrive.
  • If the money plant looks dry to raise the humidity levels of the soil by adding mulches to it.
  • Place the plant in any location (mostly the window area) to get bright indirect sunlight.
  • Make sure the money plant is not prone to extreme hot and cool climatic conditions.
  • Transplant the money tree to bigger pots only when the plant roots completely emerge out of the pot.
  • Money plant doesn’t require any special care, as it is pretty resilient and can thrive in average conditions. Protect the plant in the winter season from extreme cold as it can lead to frostbite to the fleshy leaves. The plant does not require pruning as the foliage does not grow beyond 5 to 7 feet.
  • If you plant it in a pot then ensure that pot must have proper drainage system otherwise roots of money plants will be damaged by excessive water.
  • Money plants require regular watering and well-drained soil. Overwatering the money plant may affect in the tips of the leaves browning, while soil that is too dry will cause the leaves to turn brown and drop off.

Pests and Diseases found in money plant growing:

Pests and diseases are very rare with the money plant. It is normally very healthy but mealy bugs may be a problem.

Money plant seed harvesting:

When you discover the seed pods that are dried on money plant, save them. Now remove the money plant seed pods from the plant, spread widely to dry out from some time. Open the seed pods and eliminate the flat seeds from it. Store the money plant seeds in a cool, dry place to plant it in a right growing season.

That’s all folks about ideas of growing money plant in pots at your home.

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