Growing Wheatgrass in Hydroponics, DIY Wheatgrass

Introduction: Hello Gardeners, today we are with a great information of growing wheatgrass in hydroponics. The land is a depleting natural resource, and we are losing it at a rapid rate because of expansion in population and urbanization, with no possible ways of recovering it. For decades, researchers have been working to develop a potential way to deal with this issue to grow quality food and plants without utilizing this depleting resource -land. With hydroponics, it feels that we have got an alternative for conventional farming.

A step by step guide to growing wheatgrass in hydroponics

The best thing about the hydroponics technique is that with knowledge and most importantly the right equipment, everyone can practice it on their own and in or out of their homes. Hydroponics, an easy process of growing plants without soil, and probably the only simple way that can be utilized in the future to grow crops and food to sustain the earth and even space too.

Moreover is a smart and creative approach for growers to save gardening space and in the long run, it is less expensive and highly advantageous in many ways. Growers with less space can make use of this technique to generate bigger yields in a cost-effective and eco-friendly manner. With the help of hydroponics; it is likely to practice indoor gardening too.

As a grower has full control in his/her garden with respect to the temperature, humidity, plant nutrition, and climate. Making it easy to grow your favorite veggies and flowers all season.

Hydroponic Wheatgrass.
Hydroponic Wheatgrass.

So in today’s writing, I would be talking about how to grow wheatgrass without soil i.e hydroponics. Hydroponics is not only a viable alternative over soil-culturing but actually a smarter one for some growers, with almost no loss of product quality.

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Easy steps to grow wheatgrass with hydroponics:

  • Soak wheatgrass seed which is simple wheat seeds (also called wheat berries) make sure your seeds are healthy free from chemical insecticide or pesticides and grains are not shriveled. Soak them overnight or about 8-12 hours. Soaking will speed up the germination process by making the seed coat soft and easier for sprouting.
  • Let the seeds sprout the seed in the hydroponic system or grow tray for the next 16-24 hours, Layer of growing media like coco-coir is then placed in the bottom of the grow tray about an inch approximately 2.4 cm should be fine for it.
  • By using a mister or a spray bottle, water the seeds and the growing media so they are moist enough but do not saturate if your container does not have drainage holes.
  • Then cover the surface of your growing media with the sprouting seeds if you wish the wheatgrass to grow in a nice and thick way or you can also directly sow the seeds in it.
  • The seeds should not then dry out, and moistened grow media with water retaining ability will help to keep the seeds moist.
  • You should promote the seeds to grow by placing the system in a place that is warm and dark for a couple of days. Afterward, you can cover the tray with sheet or cloth and maintain the moisture since seeds should not dry out.
  • You can cover your seeds with a single sheet of newspaper, and water the paper until it is soaked through. This will offer a dark, moist environment for the sprouting seeds.
  • By day four, you can remove the newspaper and you should see a grow tray full of wheatgrass sprouts about an inch tall.
  • Find a sunny spot in your place when the wheat shoots are about an inch in height or 2.4 cm, then place the tray outside or preferable on a sunny window sill is ideal if you want to keep your tray indoors only .this is the key of how to grow wheatgrass without mold.
  • The grass does not require having sunlight directly in order to green-up, in fact, even a light bulb will work for indoor conditions.
  • Within a time period of 7 to 10 days with good and favorable conditions, your wheatgrass will look greener and grown rapidly to about 8 – 10 inches (20 – 24 cm).
  • Then all you need is to get a pair of scissors to cut the wheatgrass from the bottom of the stem as near to the growing surface as possible.

Moreover, with enthusiasm and a basic understanding of gardening one can successfully build a personal DIY wheatgrass garden. That’s all folks about growing wheatgrass in hydroponics and we wish you all the best for your next hydroponic gardening. Keep growing plants without soil.

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