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Small Garden Fence Ideas: Cheap, Inexpensive, and Low-cost Tips

The fence is a structure that closes an area, usually outside, and is usually built from outposts that are connected to boards, wires, rails, or netting. A fence is different from a wall that does not have a solid base with full length. The garden or backyard is a wonderful feature in any house, but it also needs to be private and safe so you can enjoy the comfort in it. Let’s learn more about small garden fence ideas.

Small Garden Fence Ideas
Image Source: Pixabay

However, spending too much money on the fence may not seem important, after you’ve spent on the interior. If you are worried about the safety of your garden and have been destroyed by the entrance of the intruders, put a fence around it. A fence will save your garden from animals and people. It will prevent any damage to your plants and vegetables from any roaming predators like dogs, cows, cats, and even hard air.

Importance of garden fencing  

  • Protection from beings is the main reason. Many animals enjoy eating delicious vegetables like Tomatoes, Carrots, Cucumbers, Cabbage, etc. Children and others can tear your vegetables and flowers. Fencing can help if you want to stop it. It will create a safety guard and prevent destruction and any damage to your beautiful garden area.
  • A fence becomes a barrier against storm wind that can damage your garden. Fencing is important when you share backyards with your neighbor. It will keep your area separate and plants separately.
  • Many of us don’t want expensive fences. It may be someone’s temporary garden; some may just want to experiment by planting random trees with a passion. Some gardeners don’t have endless budgets in their hands. So, the ideas of affordable fencing are very helpful to them.

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Garden Fence
Image Source: Pixabay

Inexpensive small garden fence ideas 

Corrugated fence

Recycling old materials is a great double-purpose method for building cheap fencing. If you are dropping an old metal shed or a closet you may already have material. But if not, the drained metal panels are cheap and easy to find. As used is for a retro feeling, or to take a modern color ingrate them. Approximately, the cost of installing this fence is $15 to $20 per 16 square feet. 

Some people consider chain-link fencing ugly, even if they are a great candidate for cheap fencing. Its simplicity is very versatile. Getting a chain link in different colors or associating it with a wooden accent quickly makes a ton of aesthetic difference. Approximately, the cost of installing this fence is $1.30 to $3.00 per foot.

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Chain Link fence
Image Source: Pixabay

Living fence

If you want to be eco-friendly, the living fence is an alternative yard fence. The Hedge plants, such as Privet or Boxwood, are usually your best option.  Approximately, the cost of installing this fence is $1 to $2 per foot of hedging. 

Stone fence

Building a stone fence is a great option if you have a ton of rocks on your property and are not exactly sure what to do with them. Such a fence works well as a low barrier but can be difficult to use as a full garden cover fence. Unless you set up some kind of brace system, rocks can fall, or worse, you won’t be able to make them long enough to keep the insects out. However, if you can glue or cement stones together or even line your stone wall with a wire barrier, you should be able to control them and preserve your garden at the same time.

Barbed wire fence

This idea is perfect for you if you are afraid of uncontrolled animals. This fence is worth protecting your garden from horrible animals to normal livestock. Several wires of barbed wire are horizontally tied to some posts in the middle. It makes a really good fence. It costs about $1.5 to $2 per foot. 

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Barbed wire fence
Image Source: Pixabay

Hog wire fence

The Hog wire is one of the cheapest ways to fence a yard. The material is rigid, actually fencing in small animals and apparently to mark the boundaries of the property. A grid-like design prevents predators from entering and pets from getting out. Using small amounts of wood keeps the yard fence cost-friendly; stain it for extra-loom appeal. Approximately, the cost of installing this fence is $3 to $5 per foot. 

Concrete fence

Concrete can be an option to erect a cheap fence when security and privacy are paramount. Go with pure concrete for maximum coverage, or add brick or wood accents to break the design.  Approximately, the cost of installing this fence is $5 to $10 per 80 pounds of concrete

Bamboo fence

If you prefer dry bamboo, grow in a simple place until it reaches the right height. Then cut it and dry it and place it as a fence. Bamboo grows incredibly fast, up to 36 inches in 24 hours. You can also buy pre-made rolls of bamboo fences.  Approximately, the cost of installing this fence is $1.60 to $10 per six feet. 

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Bamboo fence
Image Source: Pixabay

Split rail fence

Split rail fencing is most seen on farms and fields. Relatively affordable fencing was an easy and affordable way to pull animals into the field and mark property boundaries. But you don’t have to be on limits to appreciate the rustic feel of the split rail fence. Approximately, the cost of installing this fence is $3 to $20 per foot. 

Vinyl fence

Vinyl has become a more common yard fence choice in recent years, in spite of its historically poor reputation of looking cheaper than wood or metal. But modern Vinyl can be beautiful and looks upscale when done right. It is durable and easy to collect, not sensitive to termites and is very light. Vinyl comes in multiple styles and can be painted in different colors. Approximately, the cost of installing this fence is $6 to $10 per foot.  

4-rail horse fence

The 4-rail horse fence is another type of backyard fence typical to farmland or farmhouses. It is the same as split rail, but the wooden pieces fit closer together and are wider, making the gaps in between smaller, offering more security. Approximately, the cost of installing this fence is $2 to $5 per foot. 

Wattle fence

Wattle fencing is not only cheap but also an adventurous DIY project. Wattle fencing is made by interlacing together thin branches of wood through vertically placed stakes. 

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Wattle fence
Image Source: Pixabay

Lattice top fence

A frame of thin slats, made of wood or metal in a crisscross pattern, is installed over a small, solid wooden fence to allow into the sunlight and maintain an outside view while blocking the unwanted attention of passers-by. Approximately, the cost of installing this fence is $14 to $20 per foot. 

How to build an inexpensive fence around the small garden 

  • Measure the height you want posts, and then add 18 inches to 2 feet, depending on how heavy your freeze is in winter. Just as your winters will be harsh, you should set posts. Mark where you want a post hole with flour. The post hole should be as far away as you decide to cut your cross pieces. 
  • Place posts in holes and check to make sure all posts are in the same depth. You can check it with a level at the top of all posts. Put instant setting cement in each post hole, using the same level and another person to help. Keep your helper straight to the post (check with a level) and slowly add water as directed to the package. A helper holds the posts until the cement starts to set. Allow posts to be set overnight. Using a drill and screw, attach cross pieces with posts inside the fence.
  • Attach to the nail or screw whatever material you chose to use as pickets for the crosspiece. Use chopped pieces of wood in your favorite place between the pickets to keep your fence pickets in place permanently. You can use traditional pickets, branches, or even scrap wood all cut into the same size as pickets which also keeps your small garden fence cheaper.


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