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Cheap Backyard Landscaping Ideas, Tips, and Secrets

Introduction to Cheap Backyard Landscaping Ideas: Landscaping has been practiced for centuries. Humans have manipulated the land since ancient Maya times for aesthetic and practical reasons. The addition of plants, changes to the existing terrain, and structures are all part of landscaping. In addition, landscaping creates proper outdoor space around a home by designing, laying out, and building gardens.

A guide to Cheap Backyard Landscaping Ideas, Techniques, Tips, and Secrets

Cheap Backyard Landscaping Ideas
Cheap Backyard Landscaping Ideas (Image source: pixabay)

Nowadays, the backyard is an extension of your home. The backyard provides a space for entertaining family and friends when it is appropriately landscaped. A backyard can also be used as a recreational space. Additionally, many traditional indoor amenities are becoming part of backyard decorating ideas, including fireplaces and full kitchens. You can use the outdoor living space in your backyard to relax, entertain, and even play if you plan, design, and build it well. As well, custom backyard landscaping will add monetary value to your home. If you plan to overhaul your backyard, spend some time gathering landscaping ideas and looking at photos before beginning.

Cheap Landscaping Ideas for the Backyard

Use alternative mulches: Having mulch around your garden can save you time and money as it reduces weeding and watering for your garden, but mulch itself is expensive. An affordable mulch alternative is one of the best budget backyard ideas.

Get vertical with your gardening: Vertical gardening is the practice of growing plants vertically. If you’re looking for inexpensive backyard landscaping ideas, vertical gardens are a great place to start. You can make them with recycled materials, such as old plastic bottles, not only since they take up less space, but they’re also cheaper.

Make it Colorful: Sometimes, all you need to make a backyard look good is a splash of color.

A new coat of paint on wooden, metal, or plastic chairs can give them a more modern look. You can even use planters to update your garden. Rather than buying new paint, reuse leftover paint from previous projects on this budget backyard landscaping project. Then, if you want to add some color, you can place flowers or foliage on a deck, the patio at the entrance, or in a planting bed.

Useful Plants to Plant: Grow vegetables and herbs in your backyard to reduce grocery costs in the summer. Using terracotta planters and the proper placement, you can create a beautiful and functional space in your backyard with DIY herb gardens or insect-repelling plants.

Create an outdoor fire pit: It is impossible to think of a better way to bring your family together than with smores by the fire pit. You don’t need to hire a contractor to install a campfire station – visit your local home improvement store to get your campfire station installed in just a few minutes. A fire pit is also an excellent way to get rid of rocks that you’ve accumulated from another project.

Make a difference by planting trees: The most straightforward budget landscaping project is planting trees. They are cheap and easy to do. To plant a tree, you’ll need a few digging tools, some mulch, and the tree itself. Additionally, Steve Boehme of Good Seed Farm Landscapes says that landscaping your yard with trees can save you money down the road.

Seating at a Low Cost (or Build it): Your backyard landscaping is complete once you have a nice spot to relax and enjoy it. If you don’t want to run to the furniture store, you can quickly look for used pieces online or make your cheap outdoor seating at home.

Bench for trees: You can create your very own benches using trees found in your very own yard using this great DIY tutorial. In addition to being so helpful, this project is easy to make and won’t cost you anything if you have extra wood lying around. It is best to use as many trees as you can for this creative outdoor project. A tree trunk serving as the bench’s actual baseboard is wholly enclosed around the trunk. It’s an excellent idea for those of you who do not want to spend a lot of money on lawn furniture.

Trellis setup: It is an excellent idea to add a trellis to your yard for a bit of charm. Build your trellis from metal poles or wooden boards, and plant climbing roses on either side to grow your flowers higher. The DIY addition of trellises to a vertical vegetable garden is also a great idea.

Boxes of flowers: The best cheap, easy gardening ideas don’t necessarily require a green thumb! For example, if you need to purchase wood, spare wood isn’t that expensive, and old wood you have laying around the house is perfect for creating bloom boxes. So, as well as creating a retro garden look outside windows, you can make bloom boxes that will sit against a brick wall or even wooden pillars to create the same effect.

Stones crushed: You can find many inexpensive backyard landscaping ideas by utilizing crushed stone or garden rock. Using crushed stone, garden rocks, gravel, etc., you can quickly fill a good deal of space and save money on grass and other plants. Grass fillers come in a wide variety of colors and textures, so you can choose the one that matches your surroundings. In addition, you can quickly outline a garden with gravel or rocks instead of filling the entire area with rocks and gravel. It will add some decorative properties to the area and spruce it up.

Infrastructure made of palettes: You can make furniture out of wooden pallets in an easy, creative, and affordable manner. Furniture of this type is not only beautiful, but it also creates a kind of rustic backdrop that is easily dressed up or down. A pallet piece of furniture can be stained or painted to match whatever theme or setting you have included. By adding fun outdoor cushions, you can create an outdoor area that looks great all year long.

A string of lights: String lights come in so many sizes, shapes, and colors that it would be hard not to make an outdoor area look amazing. You can find the right size, color, and shape for every theme or setting. Adding these to an area is an easy way to add some style without having to change much less are also energy-efficient, which translates into lower long-term electricity costs. You can easily add a whimsical glow to an expansive area surrounded by trees and a small backyard patio area. These light fixtures will go a long way.

Straight stones: Make this one of your cheap garden landscaping ideas. The stepping stone paths aren’t just cute, but they are also quite helpful. A stepping stone path doesn’t cost much to buy, and stones on hand can create a path. It looks excellent putting such a path in a front yard as well as a garden. Of course, for the perfect stepping stone path, you don’t need to have a garden. Regardless, you can still create exciting shapes, sizes, and styles by incorporating them into your existing garden.

Invest in affordable lighting: Budget backyard landscaping is incomplete without cheap outdoor string lights. A patio is easily transformed into a summer hangout area with its soft, ambient light. White twinkle lights cost about $6 per strand, or clear globe lights cost around $9 per strand for a more modern appearance. Glowing lights are often more durable than twinkle lights, and they are easy to replace bulbs. If you’ve selected an affordable bulb, try out these budget-friendly landscaping lighting ideas.

Arrangements: Utilizing borders allows you to dress up your front or backyard landscape easily. Any garden filler, such as peat or wood shavings, can be used as cheap landscaping borders, including plastic barriers, border boxes (which go beneath the ground), and planting rocks. There is no limitation to borders, and borders are an excellent way to separate garden beds, lawns, and other plants in any landscape. It’s a great way to maximize space and create an exciting environment.

An old piece of furniture: If you put some elbow grease into it, refinishing old lawn furniture can look stunning. If you look at this picture, for example, you’ll see that the benches look like they’ve been used before and need some TLC to get back to their former glory. Your neighbor may be getting rid of some old stuff, or you have an item of old lawn furniture lying around that you don’t know what to do now. Adding a coat of paint or some wood stain could quickly transform the furniture into something spectacular.

Terrace of grass: Grass terraces like the one shown here are perfect for filling oddly-shaped poolside’s. There are many cheap pool landscaping ideas available, but this one is exciting because it adds so much texture to the scene. It is possible to plant any shrub or grass on an elevated terrace like this. The space is easily transformed into a tropical paradise with gorgeous flowers, intriguing lawn statues, and tropical plants. A stacked terrace like this is genuinely limitless.

Containers for creativity: Despite budget restrictions, these tall vases not only look elegant but are also affordable. In addition, it gives the appearance of a Santorini landscape, which is easily re-created in the backyard.

Pots and Plants: You can see that these lemon trees are in big containers. The effect is stunning. You can play with colors so that your outdoor space has a dream-garden look with this idea. It is not only affordable but will give your backyard a distinctive look, too.

Perennials for annual enjoyment: Perennial plants and flowers are lovely because they last year after year. One may incur an upfront cost with seeds or blooming flowers, but perennials give you many choices regardless of the climate. In addition, the spread of perennial plants can add a splash of color to fill more space in the garden.If you want to save money in your garden, start your flowers and plants from seeds rather than seedlings. While it’s unlikely that all seeds will grow, even the least-green-thumbed gardener can get some flowering plants.

Set up a path made of stones: Make your backyard more appealing by transforming parts of it. For example, build a clear pathway from your home to the pool or playhouse in your backyard using mulch, bricks, or stones. As an alternative to glow-in-the-dark stones, you can also add garden stakes and glow-in-the-dark rocks to your pathway.

Invest in a fountain: Are you looking for some makeover ideas for a small yard? Build one of these. These backyard items will add a water feature to your outdoor space without costing too much or taking up much space. It can be hidden away in a garden or set on an end table to showcase your decor.

Use a pool of stock tanks: Aside from being a delightful way to keep cool during the hottest months of the year, this outdoor feature will also add some extra backyard fun. To protect your grass, we recommend placing it on a concrete patio or custom stone platform.

Make your landscape Xeriscape: Your green space will use less water when you xeriscape it. This budget-friendly backyard landscaping idea is easy to do, requires minimal maintenance, and saves you water, all while giving your yard major appeal and adding value to your home.

Design a Dining Space for the Outdoors: You need a table in your green space if you enjoy entertaining guests, hosting backyard cookouts, or just working outside. You can either purchase a patio set complete with a table and chairs or build your outdoor table with a few wine barrels and wooden boards.

Make your meditation space relaxing: Make your outdoor living space more serene by adding a meditation space. Set up an oversized couch and blanket for lounging and an incense table in a secluded spot in your garden. Add a swinging chair or decorative ornaments to your relaxation station if it is situated near a tree.

Planters made of cement and sandstone: You can have the project done as cheaply or as expensively as you like. Planters made of cement and sandstone cost between $20 and $150 depending on their size. It takes little effort to complete this simple DIY landscaping project and does not require much skill.

Boxes filled with flowers: A beautiful flower box can be found online for around $50, making this a great landscaping idea on a budget. But, of course, it depends on the size and amount of plants, flowers, and soil you need. A simple, afternoon-long project, this one is suitable for beginning DIYers.

Add dimension to your space with plants: A set price is not available for this project. It depends on how big the area is, how many plants and flowers you want, and the type of plants and flowers you choose. If your budget is limited, you can go with a smaller area with cheap flowers and plants. It is not difficult to combine different widths and heights of flowers and plants, but you should plan and think about it before you begin.

A secluded wall covered with ivy: The beauty of English Ivy may offset the problems it causes in a house. It would help if you used a different species of ivy, such as Boston ivy or Moonflower. It may be a bit costly depending on how much you want, but Boston Ivy overgrows, so you can start with a little (8 per plant) and end up with a lot.

Put some trees on the ground: A tree’s placement, growth habits, and how it fits into your yard once it’s mature are several factors to consider before planting it. Tree seedlings are relatively cheap and can be purchased from Lowe’s. Additionally, planting a tree doesn’t require much skill or time, just some love and patience, as it will take a while for your tree to reach its full potential.

DIY water feature: Are you surprised that a water feature has such an impressive design right out of the gate? With your downspouts, you can create this beautiful landscape design in your backyard. To create the liner, place plastic bags on the ground. Next, place your rocks, plants, and mulch on top of the bags. A beautiful rock water feature will be created when rainwater runs off the spout and over the rocks.

Light up your patio with cheap DIY lights: Cheap patio lighting is one of our cheap patio ideas. String lights are ideal strung across potted lamp posts to create a chic look even in a small yard. Lights combined with lovely flowers make an excellent combination. Mopping the floor is a better use of my time.

Hack for weeds in newspapers: Weeds are controlled without using chemicals. With this newspaper hack, grass and weed seeds will not germinate, making it the all-in-one solution for weed control. However, the newspaper will decompose after about 18 months, unlike Weed Block Barrier fabric, so be prepared to replace them after 18 months.

Tips for cheap backyard landscaping

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Tips for cheap backyard landscaping
Tips for cheap backyard landscaping (Image source: pixabay)
  • Featuring case studies from all over the country, you can see how designers created inspiring backyard retreats.
  • A variety of outdoor rooms can be created, including kitchens, dining areas, living rooms, game rooms, and even offices.
  • There are various tricks used to define outdoor room boundaries without disrupting the overall yard flow.
  • The patio style can be used for various outdoor activities, like dining, entertaining, or relaxing.
  • It would help if you considered several factors when deciding on the ideal location for your patio, including its proximity to the house, the amount of available space, and exposure to light and shade.
  • You can determine the correct patio dimensions by following these three easy steps.
  • Design ideas for small backyards that maximize space.
  • You will find tips for designing and planting, as well as for empty nesters, families, and nature lovers.
  • Geometrical layouts such as curved, rectangular, arc-and-tangent, and irregular are popular in backyard gardens.
  • There are many types of backyard gardens, from modern to traditional to country to tropical to the Mediterranean.
  • You can use the backyard to enjoy several activities, such as cooking gourmet meals, roasting marshmallows, hosting pool parties, or playing bocce ball.
  • Pool, spa, fountain, or pond ideas for your backyard.
  • Outdoor hardscaping ideas include patios, decks, paths, pergolas, walls, and fences.
  • There are several ways to upgrade your backyard living space, whether you want to expand your patio, dress up your existing paving, or turn a narrow area into a usable space.
  • Spend a lot of time outside, or rarely? Do you have enough room to entertain or play in your backyard? You can create different outdoor rooms for entertaining, playing, or relaxing in Mother Nature in a good backyard landscape design.

Commonly asked questions about cheap backyard landscaping

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Backyard Landscaping Ideas
Backyard Landscaping (Image source: pixabay)

1. What is the best way to get free landscaping?

Cheap and free ways to get plants

  • You can check freecycle and local Facebook swap groups to see if anyone gives away plants.
  • Garden centers and nurseries often deeply discount plants that no longer look good enough to sell at their total price.
  • Buying small plants in bulk is a good idea.

2. Is it possible to use cheap landscaping materials?

The most accessible cheap backyard landscaping idea you can find is using crushed stone or garden rocks. To fill in a large lawn area without spending money on grass or plants, you can use crushed stone, garden rocks, gravel, etc. Instead of paying for turf or plants, you can use crushed stone, garden rocks, etc.

3. What is the cheapest rock to use in landscaping?

Generally speaking, crushed gravel and pea gravel are the most affordable landscape rocks.

4. How can I cover my backyard landscaping for the least amount of money?

 Plants are expensive. Patios and paths cost less. Recycling bricks, pavers, concrete from sidewalks and driveways, and other found materials can help you create an eco-friendly yard.

5. What are the groundkeeper’s or landscaper’s tools?

The hand tools used are

  • Rakes
  • Saws
  • Trimmers
  • Shovels
  • Axes
  • Hedge or brush
  • Pruning saws


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