Top 18 Flowers to Grow on the Terrace

Introduction to top 18 flowers to grow on the terrace: Two types of terrace gardens can be described as terrace gardens. Terrace gardens are generally established on rooftops, terraces, or houses patios, usually with limited garden space. These gardens are typical in urban areas and restaurants, and other businesses. It can also be a garden built in terraced beds against a hillside. Some ancient examples of terrace gardens demonstrate how terrace agriculture is the only practical way to use steep terrain.

Guide on top 18 flowers to grow on the terrace, best way to create a terrace garden, Tips for growing flowers on the terrace and commonly asked questions

Top 18 Flowers to Grow on the Terrace
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The best way to create a terrace garden 

The capacity of the terrace

To begin a terrace garden, the first thing to determine is whether the roof surface can support the weight of the soil. Wet soil, especially, is much heavier than most people realize.  Terrasse gardens are not to be built on weak or damaged structures. Deck gardens are usually found on the rooftops of substantial buildings or houses with load-bearing floors.

Drainage and waterproofing

A waterproof roof will prevent water from seeping into the room below. For complete waterproofing, civil work needs to be undertaken. The terrace must have adequate drainage to drain rainwater and irrigation water quickly. The soil should be laid down before installing drainage cells and geotextile membrane if the plantation is done directly on the terrace floor. Rather than watering by conventional means, installing a drip irrigation system is a good idea.

Gardening in containers on the terrace

Installing a proper terrace drain-cell system is expensive. You can always use a variety of containers to hold soil, including pots, drums, troughs, boxes, tubs, etc.  These containers are placed over wedges or bricks to allow proper drainage and airflow.

Flower beds on the terrace

You can make small flower beds on the roof. You can achieve this by placing the soil between the parapet and the inner wall. Then, you can construct an inner wall of a flower bed with wood shuttering, stones, or moisture-proof bricks. Chrysanthemums, Verbenas, Sweet peas, Pansies, Stocks, Dahlias, Marigolds, Antirrhinum, Dianthus, Phlox, and other annuals were suitable for terrace gardens.

Terrace garden landscaping principles

The terrace garden should have a dominant focal point: a lawn, a water feature, a rock garden, or even a tiny tree. These include Plumeria, Bottlebrush, Christmas trees, Brassie, etc. Typically, visitors tend to see the horizon outwards. Therefore, a wall of bright colors and tall plants will surround the outside edge to hold the view.

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The best way to create a terrace garden 
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Take the vertical route

Vertical gardening makes sense since there is limited space for gardening. There is a reason for a terrace garden lover to use climbing plants and trailers in his garden. Several of these can grow over the top of the boundary wall and cascade down the building’s side, camouflaging the brick and concrete below. Because Ficus repens can climb, it covers walls well. Other attractive creepers include Railway creeper, Thunbergia, Bougainvillea, Passionflower, and climbing roses. Several hanging baskets decorate the terrace garden.  Many baskets can be displayed with significant advantage at suitable places containing flowers or foliage plants.

Top flowers to grow on the terrace 

Marigold: The flowers bloom in both yellow and orange colors. You can buy these plants from any vendor in India and plant them at home. They are readily available in all parts of India. You can also use these pom poms like flowers to offer the Indian gods and goddesses. They look bright, require little maintenance, and are pest resistant as well. In regions with a warm climate, marigolds are the ideal choice for terrace gardens.

Begonias: It is straightforward to grow these plants on your own. Begonias grow well in a shaded area, and since most terraces are covered by shade, they are well suited to that environment. Their best performance is in India, where they bloom throughout the year. So, you can have a lovely flower arrangement on your terrace all year round.

Hibiscus: The hibiscus flower is beautiful and colorful. You can grow it year-round in most zones, but it needs more sunlight. Hibiscus thrives in rich, well-draining soil. Both the tea and the leaves of Hibiscus are beneficial.

Jasmine: Jasmine Flower is an elegant and highly fragrant vine that blooms throughout the summer. If you’re planting your jasmine in a pot or the ground, cover the soil with 2 inches of compost. For most jasmine varieties to grow correctly, they require stakes to climb. Teas and oils made from jasmine have many beneficial properties.

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grow jasmine on terrace
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Hyacinth: Hyacinths bloom with white and different colored flowers, like blue and purple, to enhance the appeal of any terraced garden. In addition, they can be grown indoors or as table flowers. It needs moderately rich, well-drained soil. Hyacinths need bright sunlight or partial shade during non-rainy seasons for proper growth. The plant needs to be watered every two to three weeks.

Pansy: The flowers are unusual because they have a very mild fragrance. Many people have them on their terraces. Colors vary, and they’re available in different sizes. If you are tired of the yellows and oranges of marigolds, this is a unique flower you can use in your garden. You can grow the plants in a pot that fits the balcony frame.

Hydrangea: Plants with these unique flowers produce spherical flowers with varying colors. Their color is determined by the pH of the soil on which they grow. Depending on the type of soil you plant it in, you can expect a wide variety of shades. Of course, it would help if you had a good water supply for these plants, which is abundant and persistent. Nevertheless, they are pretty beautiful.

Mogra Flower: Your terrace garden will immediately become a better place with a few mogra flowers. They do indeed have a beautiful fragrance that will transport you to a world of their own. Having good fragrances makes the house smell better and lifts everyone’s mood. Your garden and heart will both be scented by the jasmine flower.

Gazania:  gazania is a beautiful flowering plant. The orange and yellow flowers bloom in the morning and close as the sunsets. The colors are gorgeous. Take a walk on the terrace during the morning. 

Lantana: In addition to their appealing fragrance, they come in single and multiple colors. You also get a visual treat as their scent attracts beautiful butterflies and bees. Keeping this plant in your terrace garden will fill your home with natural fragrance, which will make it always smell fresh. Consider getting it for your terrace.

Coleus: Bushy and with distinct leaves, they grow in clusters. Different varieties have different colors of foliage. You can bring one of these plants into your garden, whatever color you paint it, to make it instantly look good.

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grow celeus on terrace
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Petunia: The best plant for your home garden is this one if you want a lot of flowers. There are many colors to choose from, and they’re so easy to grow that you won’t believe them. You can decorate your home with flowers whenever you want. Make sure that your balcony gets plenty of light. Terrace requires a suitable dose of the Sun. A reasonable amount of water is required without being too high or too low. Cold or hot places are defined by their temperature.

Verbena: You can grow them in hanging baskets from the terrace, and they look beautiful from the terrace. It is a bright red plant with beautiful flowers. Flowering plants thrive in direct sunlight. Growing big requires a medium amount of water.

Morning Glory: Its flowers are only open in the morning and have a royal purple shade that is hard to ignore. They are vines that can grow as high as 4 meters if appropriately grown, and they are stunning on the terrace.

Bougainvillea: Colorful drought-resistant plants are bright pinks, oranges, and whites. They will bloom abundantly as long as they get plenty of sunlight and stay fresh for weeks before dying.

Roses: However difficult it may seem to grow roses, especially in Chennai, it is not. As long as you provide your plant with good soil, ample sunlight, and fertilizers every two months, it will thrive.

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grow rose on terrace
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Ixora: You can prune this plant to keep it in a container despite its growing ability into a large shrub. Colorful and lively, the Ixora flowerets bloom in abundance and make for a stunning sight. Please select your favorite color to add to your terrace garden.

Cosmos: The vibrant colors of these purple, yellow, and red flowers can brighten any green garden. You can grow them from seeds, require minimal maintenance, and attract bees to your garden.

Beginners can grow these plants in the terrace garden because they are the easiest.

Tips for growing flowers on the terrace 

  • Try sedums or alpines if your terrace does not have enough soil to grow flowers. Alpines and sedums are drought-tolerant flowers. Utilize plastic containers. The weight of Terracotta makes it less water-resistant than plastic.
  •  Be sure to waterproof the terrace surface if you use soil on the terrace. Then, you will be protected from leaks.
  • Don’t water the plants in rainy weather. Additionally, if there is excessive rain for a few days, add nutrients back to the soil
  • Another essential factor is sunlight. Plants on a terrace require four to six hours of direct sunlight per day. So if you want to grow the best flowers, allow them to get more sunlight.
  • Keeping plants too close can result in competition for nutrients, water, and sunlight, and they may not mature as needed.
  • The internet allows you to access gardening information with a few mouse clicks. Organic seeds are easily found on many eCommerce sites. Before purchasing one of these sites, read the customer reviews and testimonials.
  • Using simple tools, you can arrange all of these gardening tools for your requirements.
  • Roofs have parapets or breastworks. Adding a few inches to that low wall will allow you to grow climbing plants and creepers, and if you need to create a shady area, umbrellas in light colors will be perfect. Plants need 4-6 hours of light to thrive, so make sure your terrace has enough light. Then, when the summer heats up, set up some shade to relieve your plant from excess heat.
  • If you choose a light-colored shade cloth, it will reflect heat and allow ventilation, allowing the plants to breathe.
  • Having blooming annuals in your garden can completely change its appearance. Different varieties of flowers are planted according to the season. When choosing colors, go for a combination of two or three to achieve harmony.

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Tips for growing flowers on the terrace 
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Commonly asked questions about flowers to grow on the terrace 

1. how to make a beautiful flower terrace garden?

Picking an excellent location for your flower terrace garden is the first step. If you plan to grow flowers, keep in mind the specific type of growing environment you will need. Most flowers will need plenty of sunlight, but they may also need some shady areas and maybe even some covered areas if they prefer indirect sunlight over direct sunlight. A location with a mix of sun exposure is ideal for taking full advantage of the entire space.

2. which flowers do well in terrace gardens?

You can also grow Roses, Zinnias, Jasmine, Chrysanthemums, and many others in your terrace garden. 

3. Is it better to plant annuals or perennials in the terrace garden?

A perennial is a flower that blooms once a year. Perennials may bloom for several seasons and come back year after year when properly maintained. Annuals must be replanted each year to be enjoyed again, while perennials are permanent fixtures in your garden.

4. Before starting flower terrace gardening, how should you prepare the roof?

 You must first make sure that your roof is waterproof. Then you can purchase various waterproofing products to make your terrace leak-free and water-resistant if it isn’t already.

5. What is the best way to maintain flowers on the terrace?

Flower plants usually need four to six hours of direct sunlight per day on the terrace. Putting more sunlight on your flowers will allow them to grow the best. Keep plants away from one another because they will compete for nutrients, water, and sunlight, and they may not mature properly.


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