Small Balcony Gardening Ideas in India, Design Tips

Introduction to Small Balcony Gardening Ideas in India: Most people dream of having a small garden in their homes. However, setting up a small garden can only be done on the balcony or terrace when living in a small apartment. Creating a green space in the house is calming as well as beautiful. Those who value plants and wish to incorporate them into their home can find inspiration from these balcony garden ideas. You can choose low-maintenance balcony plants, choose a container to use on the balcony, and design a perfect garden within the limited space.

A guide to small balcony gardening ideas in india, tips, techniques, secrets, and design concepts

Small balcony gardening
Small balcony gardening (Pic source: pixabay)

Find out about the natural conditions of small balcony gardening in India

If the balcony garden does not have the proper conditions for the plants to survive, it is pointless to buy a variety of colorful plants. Species of plants require specific weather conditions to thrive. Some plants do best in sunlight, while others require shady areas. It is generally true that balconies on higher floors receive more sunlight because they are not obstructed by walls, Neighboring buildings, or trees. Thus, pomegranate or lemon trees can even be grown as potted plants in balcony gardens, which are well-suited for potted plants in balconies. Low-lying balconies, mostly shaded, are a good place for ferns and other plants that don’t require much sunlight.

Choose the correct type of plants for the small balcony gardening inIndia

A balcony plant needs to be selected based on its location and the weather on the day.

Low-growing plants for balconies: Shade plants are best suited for balconies on lower floors as sunlight is limited. Apart from ferns, other suitable plants include orchids, Pepper onions, succulents, and African violets.

Balconies with windy conditions: An outdoor balcony should have a plant that can withstand strong winds. Plants with a thin stem that can break are therefore preferable to those with a thicker stem. Plants such as succulents, croton, and cacti make excellent choices for balconies.

A balcony garden with plenty of afternoon sun: The plants on such balconies should be able to cope with the harsh sunlight. For a sunny balcony, bougainvillea’s and geraniums are excellent plants.

Plants that require morning sunlight include: Early morning sun is much milder than afternoon sun. Therefore, partial shade-loving flowers will work well in these spaces. Anthuriums, peace lilies, and begonias are the perfect plants for these gardens.

Covered balconies: In the case of covered balconies, air circulation can impact plant growth. However, there are varieties of plants that can thrive in such conditions and purify the air inside a balcony. In enclosed balcony gardens, spider plants, English ivy, aloe vera, and azalea are used.

Design ideas for small balcony gardening in India

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Growing Herbs in the Balcony
Growing Herbs in the Balcony (pic credit: pixabay)

A garden’s design is also influenced by how much space is available in the area. For example, an attractive balcony is designed correctly without appearing cramped.

The tropical garden: To make your balcony garden more tropical, add some small potted plants, pebbles, grass, and wooden planks. Adding these elements enhances the natural theme and adds a touch of rusticity while making it easier for you to maintain your well-adjusted garden. Similarly, indoor gardens offer a range of attractive options.

Garden on a vertical plane: Think about creating a vertical garden for tiny apartment balcony gardens to save space. By adding drip irrigation to a vertical garden on a balcony, can be a low-maintenance option.

Arrangement of flowers on a table: An attractive flowering plant on top of a sideboard or table refreshes and adds beauty to a narrow balcony with seating.

Privacy creeper: The balcony garden is enhanced with privacy partitions made from creepers and vines.

Garden of Zen: You can create a Zen garden on a small balcony by using this method. It looks just like natural grass. Artificial grass has been used here to create a lawn. A vertical garden wall and a variety of railing greens have also been incorporated to add nature to your bare balcony and make your mornings even more pleasant. Adding color to your balcony is easy with a colorful plant.

Wooden shelves with plants: Instead of a vertical garden, arrange small pots or planters on wooden shelves. It is a good idea to add a few chairs where one can relax.

By adding layers to the garden: It is possible to make a balcony garden look like a backyard by growing plants of varying heights.

Planters made from a vase: Placing shrubs or flowering plants in tall vase-like planters rather than terracotta pots or wooden planters will add a contemporary and sophisticated look to your balcony.

Pots for flowers: The use of small pots on a balcony helps grow more species than large planters. Tables or shelves are often used to display them.

Railing planters for balconies: It’s essential to keep the floor free of clutter if space is limited. With planters hooked to the balcony rail, you can grow plants without taking up floor space.

Having an organized garden: Growing plants in planters that run along the balcony border is another incredible idea for keeping the balcony looking spacious and neat in the long list of balcony garden ideas.

Dining on the balcony: There are times when it’s nice to be able to take a leisurely Sunday brunch or an evening tea in the open air. To create a dining balcony, you only need a table and chairs.

Garden on a balcony with a partition of ­­­­­­­­plants: If you have an extended balcony or terrace, you may want to add a climber or vine to the trellis as a partition, separating the seating from the rest of the elements.

Pergola: Pergolas are a great way to create shaded seating areas on a more oversized balcony or terrace. Plants placed in pots or on a balcony create a charming green space. It is enjoyed for relaxing or entertaining.

Enhancing the garden with colors: Besides adding color to terraces and balconies, flowering plants are often seasonal, so the garden may seem one-dimensional with just green foliage at times. Additionally, planting colorful foliage in the balcony garden will add to the color design.Plants for the balcony or terrace generally can be found at the local nursery, but the types of plants must be selected so that it is a once-off investment and requires minimal maintenance. A balcony garden that doesn’t thrive in the existing conditions will require frequent replacement to remain attractive.The efficient design of terraces or balconies has more to do with making them attractive and functional. We recommend consulting with a professional landscape planner to determine the layout and style and the ideal species to use in such an area. When designing patio or balcony gardens for small spaces, this is especially true. To ensure all elements are incorporated without cluttering the space, careful planning and design are required.

Furthermore, homeowners with a busy lifestyle cannot maintain their balcony gardens constantly to keep them looking nice. Using experts provides advantages such as helping install drip irrigation, self-watering balcony planters, or installing self-watering balustrades. In addition, plants are no longer watered with a hose daily.

Gardening ideas for small balconies in India

Hang a swing: Swings on porches have an inherently ironic quality. However, your tight space does not mean that you cannot have one of your own. One-seat balcony swings can be hung outside, making them perfect for smaller spaces. A freestanding egg chair can be a good alternative if you can’t hang a swing due to renting.

Make a reading area: Since your balcony is so small, you probably do very few things there. It is a typical balcony activity to sip coffee or enjoy the sunset while reading a book. Rather than wasting space, why not turn your nook into a reading nook? The key to finding an accent chair that’s large enough to curl up in but not too large that it overpowers the space is finding one that’s both comfortable and compact.

Protect yourself from the Sun: While you might want to soak up the sun on your balcony, it’s essential to protect your skin on mainly sunny days. So put up a giant umbrella, hang curtains, or put up a tent if you have a railing. Then, during the summer, you will thank yourself for it.

Time to lighten up: If you’re the type of person who uses your balcony after hours, lighting is a must. Use lanterns, candles (real or fake), and string lights instead of harsh overhead lighting or built-in sconces. Our opinion is that it creates the perfect date-night atmosphere.

Use wall space to your advantage: The biggest mistake we see people making with small spaces is forgetting to use the wall space-even when it’s outside. Organize your wall slats, let your windowsills serve as makeshift shelves, and store plants and lights on shelves. You will be able to enjoy your space comfortably without feeling claustrophobic.

Let’s let plants take over: You probably have a small collection of basil or cilantro growing outside if you have a green thumb and a balcony. However, why stop there? Pots of varying sizes should line window sills, ivy ought to be draped over tall shelves, and spider plants are best hung from decorative baskets. It won’t take long for your tiny area to feel like a luxurious greenhouse.

Go minimal: Understandably, not everyone is into minimalism. However, sometimes less is more. A small space, for instance, can appear cluttered if there are too many decorative elements. So instead of a bunch of finishing touches in contrasting colors, consider one or two focal points, such as a bench.

Take your furniture out of the house: When we were little, there was nothing more magical than creating our fort with pillows and blankets. The same sentiment still rings true of balconies a couple of decades later. So, add some artificial turf, a soft blanket, and as many pillows as you can find to make your fort.

Exchange a couch for a daybed or lounger: The perfect lifestyle is spent lounging poolside in our cabanas. While we have to wait until our next vacation to do that, you might as well make the most of the outdoor living space you do have. Choose a giant daybed or an elongated lounger (even if it takes up all of your balcony’s space).

Turn your railing into a breakfast bar: If you choose a premade table that fits snugly on your ledge, you can build your breakfast bar with plywood. Then, you can enjoy your coffee while you scroll through your social feed if you add a few bistro stools.

Play around with patterns: Any pattern has an excellent way of making anything appear more significant, more important, and louder. So even if you can only fit a few pieces of furniture in your space, you can add patterned accessories like ikat chair cushions, striped pillows, and floral rugs. The pattern play may initially seem a little confusing, but it will all make sense once you figure it out.

Let the views do the talking: Furniture might not be an option for a conversational setup when square footage is minimal. However, you can still converse over a glass of merlot while taking in the natural beauty of sunsets if you arrange everything facing out the window.

Custom-built furniture is included: Furniture can be difficult to find for small spaces, especially for small spaces. DIY projects are the best way to take matters into your own hands by building furniture that fits your space. Folding furniture is ideal for saving space as it can be tucked away when you don’t need it.

Be creative with color: Don’t settle for a neutral color palette if you’re decorating your outdoor space. Instead, go bold with some color. Try adding a few pops of bright coordinating colors. With this balcony, even the harshest winters beg to be enjoyed.

Using wood pallets for DIY: One of DIY’s best-kept secrets is the use of wood pallets. Various items can be made using them, including platform beds, tables, and swings. Suitable for use on balconies as well. Create your DIY daybed by stacking them to make it look like it was custom-made.

A balcony with an eclectic style: This balcony features an eclectic mix of colors in the Bay Area.  But the chiminea, rug, and planters give the room a subtle Mediterranean feel. The collection is the perfect combination of cute, trendy, and soothing elements.

A jungle-like outdoor area: There’s something so stylish about this outdoor setup that it could quickly work as an interior layout. The plants create a sense of calm, and both the circular hanging mirror and orange marble tiles are excellent personal touches.

Vertical space is essential

Hanging chairs in corners – Hanging chairs keep valuable floor space free at your feet and add a sense of airiness and lightness.

Use the railings – You can hang planters and tables from them.

Vertical garden – Plant vertically to add greenery to a space without taking up floor space.

Create zones: A small balcony can be divided into mini zones, which might seem counter-intuitive, but it helps if you do so.An organized layout is created by zoning rather than haphazardly placing things on display.For example, small balconies and patios are typically located in the following zones:

  • dining area – a dining table and chairs are positioned.
  • Lounge area. Place an armchair, hammock, and maybe a pouf or small table.
  • Plants area displays many potted plants, or perhaps a nook where you store things like soil and essential gardening tools.

Whether you want to read or eat outside, creating mini zones will help you make the most of your space.

Gorgeous greens: Putting your green thumb on display on a balcony is no secret, but get creative for a change instead of buying petunias in a planter.

Take some time to relax: Your outdoor space needs to be comfortable during the summer since you’ll be spending a lot of time on it a lot.

Build a seating area: Build a bench into your space to maximize floor space. Moreover, there’s no risk of your furniture being knocked over, or even worse, blown away.

Commonly asked questions about small balcony gardening

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Balcony Garden
Balcony Garden (Pic source: pixabay)

1. What is the best way to build a small balcony garden?

Vertical gardening is an excellent option for making the most of your tiny balcony. Planters can be placed under railings, on walls, and hanging around the perimeter of a balcony to create a stunning apartment balcony garden. Vertical gardening is also a great option and bromeliads, ferns, begonias, hostas, succulents, air plants, and vines.

2. Are there any vegetables that are easy to grow in containers?

  • The underground vegetables are beets, carrots, and radishes.
  • Vegetables with green leaves are spinach, chard, lettuce, and basil.
  • Gourds include squash, bitter gourds, and bottle gourds. You can grow squash like a weed, and it overgrows.
  • Brinjal.

3. What are some ways to decorate a small balcony?

  • Tables are helpful, but small tables are even better.
  • Provide built-in seating.
  • Add greenery to your space.
  • Invest in floor pillows.
  • Add a pattern to your outdoor area with a rug.
  • Make use of what you have on your walls.
  • Turn on the light.
  • Place a chair or hammock outside.

4. How do you refer to a small balcony?

 There is a mezzanine balcony inside the building. The mezzanine is a type of balcony constructed inside a home, and it is usually placed between two main floors of a building.  Decks or landings that extend beyond walls feature protective railings

4. What is the smallest balcony that you can have?

Describe the dimensions. In general, a standing balcony is used to a maximum depth of 1.5-2 feet. It is possible to seat four people around a table that is six feet long. A deeper pool is more suitable for hosting large groups since it can go from 6 to 8 feet in depth.

5. What is the best way to increase the size of my balcony?

  • Increase your indoor space without building by reclaiming your balcony space.
  • One way to improve outdoor ambiance is to install blinds.
  • You might want to consider motorized blinds.
  • Choose either folding or sliding doors.
  • Install flooring both inside and outside.
  • Expand the seating area.
  • Install an awning to provide shade.

6. Can I grow vegetables on a small balcony?

The swiss chard and runner beans are good in small spaces, and you can maintain them with one plant in a 10-liter pot. Kale, swiss chard, runner beans are also good in small spaces.


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