Homemade Organic Fungicides for Garden Plants

Homemade Organic Fungicides for Plants

Let us learn today about “Homemade Organic Fungicides”. Fungal diseases are the most common diseases caused by garden plants. Most of the fungal diseases spread through air and water i.e., airborne, waterborne and soil borne. Fungal plant diseases are the most common urban garden problems. In addition, to fungal diseases, the garden plants also suffer from diseases caused by the Bacterial and the Virus pests. However, most of the Viruses are transmitted by Insects and bacterial diseases transmitted by natural and artificial wounds on garden plants. Even though, most of the home gardeners have problems related to the diseases caused by fungal pathogens than others in their home gardens. Commonly seen diseases on Kitchen garden or home garden plants are Leaf spots, Downey mildews, powdery mildews, leaf blights and rusts, etc.

Most of the home gardeners wish to control the diseases caused by the plant pathogens using organic methods or organic procedures to control the fungal disease at their home gardens. However, they are unaware of information and knowledge of the Organic fungicides to control diseases at home gardens. Many of the home gardeners have doubts like which organic fungicides are available and prepared easily at home, how to use homemade organic fungicides, adverse effects of this homemade organic fungicide, etc. Therefore, we have come up with this post on all the information about Homemade Organic Fungicides to Control home garden diseases.

What is Organic Homemade Fungicides:

Homemade organic Fungicide is nothing but a fungicide that I prepared from the available organic of natural ingredients that we commonly use at our home daily.

How do homemade Fungicides work:

Cost of the homemade natural fungicides are preventive fungicides, however, they are also curative in function. We should apply those natural fungicides either before or incidence of the plant pathogenic diseases. Sometimes, we can see some fungal spores on the infested diseases home garden plant. When we apply these natural fungicides they act on the fungal cell wall leading to their death and the preventive natural fungicides help in avoiding the plant pathogen to harbor the garden plant.

How to apply homemade natural fungicides to Kitchen garden plants:

Most of the prepared natural organic fungicides are mixed with oils or soap solution before spraying to the kitchen garden plants at specific concentrations. Avoid spraying high concentrations as it leads to the death of the plants as heavy concentrations are phytotoxic to plants. Always use hand gloves and nose mask while spraying organic fungicides.

When to apply natural organic fungicides to Kitchen garden plants:

It is better or profitable only if we apply those prepared organic fungicides either in the morning before 9 and evening between 4 to 6 PM.

List of Organic Homemade Natural Fungicides for Home Gardens:

There is various type of Organic Fungicides to control home garden plant disease. Most of them are also available online and in the regional markets also. However, it is better to prepare those Natural fungicides at home which we have described below.

Baking Soda Spray:
  • Baking soda is the commonly available household ingredient. It helps in preventing the entry of diseases or plant pathogen to cause diseases to the home garden plants. Mix 5 to 7 gm of baking soda with 1 ml of vegetable oil in a jar and makeup with 1000 ml or 1 lit of distilled or sterile water. Mix the mixture only in glass or ceramic container. Spray the soda mixture on the plants showing diseases symptoms.
Neem Spray:
  • take 100gm of neem leaves and wash thoroughly in running tap water. Sundry those leaves and ground into powder using a grinder. Dissolve 100 gm of the prepared powder in 1000 ml of water and spray the mixture on plants whenever necessary. Neem leaf extract spray is effective against various plant pathogens especially leaf spots.

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Garlic and Ginger spray:
  • Garlic and Ginger spray is also prepared in the same way as mentioned earlier like Neem oil spray and used at regular intervals whenever necessary.
  • Garlic Fungicide.
    Garlic Fungicide.
Tea compost Spray:
  • The tea that is remained after making tea is mixed with water in equal proportions and sprayed on to the plants for better performance of the garden plants.
Clove oil spray:
  • Purchase the clove oil from any nearest supermarket t and dissolve 100 ml of Clove oil in 100 ml of soap water and makeup with sterile distilled water and spray on the kitchen garden plants for better results. Clove oil spray arrests the growth of the fungal spore for further germination.
Cinnamon Oil:
  • It is also prepared in the same way as Clove oil spray and sprayed on the kitchen garden plants. Cinnamon acts have antimicrobial properties.
Papaya leaf spray:
  • Cut the young and mature papaya leaves and ground into a fine powder. Mix 100 gm of the Papaya leaf powder in 100 ml of water and spray on the kitchen garden plants.
Cow Urine:
  • Cow urine acts as an effective fungicide both in Kitchen garden as well as on commercial agriculture fields. Apply 20% to 30% of Cow urine by mixing with half soap water and half sterile water and spray on the plants which act very effectively to control various plant pathogens.
Bougainvillaea oil:
  • Mix 200 gm of fresh Bougainvillea leaves in 1 lit water. Blend the mixture and apply on the garden plants. It helps in controlling various insects that spread various types of viral diseases from plant to plants.

Other chemical fungicides for garden plants:

If you are unable to prepare these homemade fungicides at home, you can also go for purchasing some synthetic fungicides like Potassium Bicarbonate, Sodium lauryl sulfate, sulfur fungicides that are sprayed at the lower concentration on the garden plants.

Bio Fungicides Spray:

Bio fungicides are the beneficial fungus that attacks the plant pathogenic fungus of garden plants. Bio fungicides also are known as Bio-Control Agents. Most of those biocontrol agents can be mass produced at a home kitchen garden easily. Biocontrol agents include Trichoderma sp. and Pseudomonas sp. However, in order to produce these bio fungicides at our own urban garden, aseptic environment conditions are required.

Conclusion: These are all about the information and guide to controlling various diseases of kitchen garden plants at home organically. Comment below if you have any queries and doubts.

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