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Modern Gardening Ideas, Techniques and Tips

Modern gardening ideas and tips

Today, we talk about modern gardening ideas and tips. A modern garden will have a style which is streamlined, sleek and sophisticated. Modern gardens can also be termed as contemporary gardens and these designs are very simple and maintain the practices of Asian designs in them. Basically, a modern garden will be more focussed towards Architecture and the materials than on attaining greenery and growing plants. Patterns which are repeating and the Geometric shapes are mostly used in modern outdoor spaces. The actual idea of modern gardening is the creation of a garden which has an organized and controlled look.

Modern gardens mostly depend on the elements of hardscape and structure for the achievement of their minimal look, by using plants as accents for providing color and contrast. These modern garden designs are very rarely haphazard and should be used carefully so that all the elements will work in harmony.

As a gardener, you should be good at knowing modern gardening ideas and tips.

Modern Gardening Techniques.
Modern Gardening Techniques.

Ideas for paving modern patio:

The materials for modern paving are clean simple and they have a quality which is organic. Wood and concrete pavers are the best materials to select and these are the ones suggested to landscape designers. These materials can be used individually or they can also be used in conjunction. When you are designing a modern patio, curved lines should not be used. Instead of curved lines, you can go with ninety-degree angles and straight edges.

Features of Modern paving design:

  • It uses a grid pattern which is oversized.
  • It will create straight lines by running materials in a similar direction.
  • It will create geometric patterns.


Rectangular or square concrete pavers are the well-known options for paving a modern patio. They can be used for the formation of a grid by creating a pattern which is geometric. The distances between the pavers can be filled with river rock or even by using gravel. You can also even try grown grass in between the spaces.

Wood decking:

The second option for paving a modern patio is wood decking. Ipe is a Brazilian hardwood which is durable and also has a very good look in a modern setting. You will need to choose the boards which are narrow and make sure that all are running in the same direction. Deck tiles are the other forms of wood materials which can be made use in order to bring a modern look to your patio. These deck woods can be easily snapped into place in the top of the surface of the existing patio as long as it is in the levelled position.

Modern gardening ideas – fencing:

  • To get an idea on front yard fence designs, you can search for the fence design ideas pictures on the internet so that you will get some knowledge of basic designs of the fence. Few modern home fence design ideas are discussed below
  • Corten steel which has permission to rust to a natural brown is a well-known option for modern homes. This fence will demonstrate how it is suitable to challenge the climates of the desert hostile to the fences made of wood because of the humidity which is low and also strong winds. To add interest and height, the addition of wood topper can be done as this will allow little glimpses of what is lying behind.
  • One of the front yard fence ideas is Sheet steel which is coated with powder can be used if you want to use something in a new way. These are actually made for the sake of industrial buildings. These will solve many problems like strong winds, harsh climates which will challenge the fencing materials which are used traditionally. The fences of this type will add beauty to the homes which are almost half centuries old.
  • A simple way for the creation of a modern fence is to run the boards in a horizontal way than that in a vertical position. In this situation, the boards will have changes in widths and will have a little gap in between them. This will lead to the creation of a subtle pattern which attracts the people without even dominating the actual landscape. A simple pergola on the gate can be used as an entrance to the property.
  • You can also use thin strips of wood which are running in a horizontal position. These are the ones which will just give looks to your garden and they are not built for any specific function. These will act as a screen which will separate the parking area and garage from the property. You can plant sculptural succulents by making use of the fence as a backdrop. Make sure that the color if the stain used is matching the garage door finish.
  • Clean lines will be a great help to the fence to look modern and also fresh. And again, the boards are arranged in a horizontal position but here, the posts of the fence are hidden completely. This effect will make it appear like a wooden wall which is solid rather than a fence. This will let the wood beauty to be the center of attraction. If you treat the fence with lacquer, it would bring the natural wood grain out and helps in the creation of complete sheen.
  • There is no rule that each and every fence has to be solid. The fences can have openings which will allow the light through them and show the greenery which is behind. But it is important to make sure that they are providing privacy. The boards which are arranged horizontally in a random manner by making use of aluminum posts will help in creating a modern look.
  • Gabion walls which are made up of metal baskets filled with stones are used more often for the enclosure of modern gardens. They are completely filled with big pieces of rubble or any pieces of stones which are left. The wire grid will help in the creation of industrial look whereas the rock is with rust. Gabions can be used for retaining or they can also be used as free walls.

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Modern gardening plants:

When you are choosing plants for your modern garden, you need to keep in mind the concept of simplicity. The main rule is to remember that the modern gardens should have a plant palette stick which is simple and should be used especially to shades and hues of green. A container with a beautiful and colorful plant looks nice but make sure that you are limiting this. The secondary rule is that the plantation of the plants should be done in straight lines as they create some sense of order in your modern garden. The third rule is that the grouping of plants should be done in odd numbers. It is always preferred to group them in three or five. If you want to go with a mass planting of only one variety of plant, you can plant them in a grid pattern.

Few plants suggested for modern gardening are Aeonium, Feather reed grass, Agave, Blue Fescue, Kangaroo Paws, Horsetail Reed.

Ornamental grasses and succulents are some of the best choices for a modern garden. Succulents will come in a large variety of sizes and shapes and will also add some dramatic touch to the modern garden. Ornamental grasses are a very good option for the addition of texture and greenery along the fence.

Modern gardening ideas and tips:

  • A quick way for the update your garden is by painting the fences with a new color. This is also a way which involves less cost. You can use colors such as white, grey, dark brown as these will add an instant modern look to your garden.
  • The raised flower beds which are white in color will help in the creation of a focal point in the modern garden and will give a more modern look like an immediate effect. You can build the raised walls by making use of rendered brick, breeze block or you can even use wood panels for the creation of separate space for the plants which are to be grown.
  • If you have several levels in your modern garden or if you have different sections, you can make use of glass panels for the creation of an open feel. Glass will help in creating a modern look to the garden.
  • If you do not like maintaining real grass and having mud in the house, you can make some investment on an artificial lawn. It will be perfect all across the year. It will need very less maintenance and will not even become muddy. You can also buy a scented spray for grass to make it smell like real grass.
  • If you use accent lighting which you use inside the home, they can make or break the space. You can use spotlights which sine up highlighting the trees. You can also use lighters which highlight the walls or you can go with festoon lighting will help in the creation of a starry sky. These will make an ordinary garden look like a magical one.
  • Opting a few pieces of furniture will help in the creation of another focal point in your modern garden and will also add a modern edge. You can choose pyramid patio heaters which are tall and also a fire pit table which is not only functional but also attractive.
  • You can make use of cushions and garden furniture for the creation of a space for the entertainment of guests and also spend some time in warm climates.
  • Box plants are the ones which are used more frequently in the modern gardens for the creation of a modern look which is sleek. Three box balls placed in planters with different heights will work great to create this look. You can also make use of a box hedge which is an artificial one at the back of your garden fence in order to create a border which is streamlined and also neat.
  • Incorporation of plants which are colorful among these sculptural elements will also be useful to create a garden which is visually attractive. You need to plan the layout of the plants neatly. You should not place the plants with same colors adjacent to each other and arrange the plants according to the heights they grow. It is also worthy to plant the flowering plants in different seasons so that the flowerbeds look attractive all around the year.

That’s all folks about Modern Gardening Ideas, Techniques and Tips.

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