Growing Flowers In Pots At Home In India

Growing Flowers in Pots at Home in India

Hello gardeners, today in this article, we are going to discuss the topic called how to grow flowers in pots at home in India. If you’re interested in having a flower garden you can have a look at this article.

Introduction to Growing Flowers in Pots at Home in India

Growing flowers in pots or containers are very easy. They will even bring an attractive look to your entire garden. But they need more care to bloom out. They need sunlight, water, soil, and you need to fulfill their requirements to bloom very well.

A Step By Step Guide to Growing Flowers in Pots At Home in India

Growing flowers in pots at home mean you can grow them in any place in your home. Having flowers in pots or containers will bring a very attractive look to your home. You can place your flower pots on your apartment balcony, on the terrace, or around your home.

Suitable Flowers to Grow in Pots at Home in India

1) Roses

This is one of the best-growing flowers in pots at home. Rose is a very beautiful plant. This plant has over 300 species and can form group plants that can be shrubs also. Mainly it is known for its red color, the rose is also found attractive to many couples. Roses can flower throughout the year ahead.

2) Hibiscus Rosa Sinensis

It is well known as a shoe flower in many schools by children, the hibiscus is a very brightly colored flower with vividly colored petals. It even has great medicinal values, but it is most commonly used as a dissecting flower in schools for learning purposes.

3) Ixora

Ixora is one of the most common summer plants and most of them have it. Ixora flowers rather freely in the summer months, sometimes also free in winter.

4) Crossandra

Crossandra is a very famous and different plant, and also known as Aboli, it is cultivated throughout many regions in India. Most of the cultivation is done for commercial purposes only; however, it can also be planted for adding color to your garden.

5) Ixora Coccinea

It is similar to its summer flowering cousin, Ixora, Ixora Coccinea and it is native to Southern India, Bangladesh, and Srilanka. It is one of the most flowering shrubs or plants in South Florida. In Hindi, it is known as Rukmini. It is available in tall and dwarf sizes.

6) Crape Jasmine

The Jasmine plant is also called a pinwheel flower. This is an evergreen shrub and native to India. It is now widespread all over Southeast Asia. The family name of it is Apocynaceae. This flower is used in all Ayurveda products also.

7) Marigold

This is very common and one of the best This is one of the best-growing flowers in pots at home in India. In warm and hot climates, Marigold is the best plant to grow as it also requires very low maintenance. It is a common flowering plant and the flowers are often used for decorative purposes.

8) Dahlia

It is a beautiful addition to your garden. Dahlias are gorgeous and elegant plant. They’re also known well to be great summer flowers in India. There will be a flower competition where this flower is showcased hence; people take extra care to grow this flower.

9) Jasmine

This is also very common growing flowers in pots at home in india. This flower is very well known for its unique sweet smell. It is widely used in cosmetic products and even used in Ayurveda; the smell of jasmine is calming and very soothing. They are also widely used in weddings and also in social events. They will bloom from spring to fall with a resting period in October.

10) Sunflower

Sunflower is a summer flower. There will not be a better example of summer flowers than this. This is the only flower that follows the sun everywhere. And summer sun in India, as we all know. This beautiful sunflower has a very bright yellow color and gives your garden canvas a vibrant appeal. It can also survive through the extreme phase of heat as well. However, you need to be careful not to overwater and keep the soil well-drained.

11) Lilies

You should not be deceived by the delicate look of lilies because this flower puts up a tough fight and that also withstand extreme weather conditions. In winter, the leaves wilt yet the bulbs remain alive but dormant. These opened bulbs give you flowers in the next season. Lilies look very delicate but are very low on maintenance and they should find a space to survive.

12) Night Flowering Jasmine

Night flowering jasmine or parijat plant is one of the plants that have religious Hindu stories. The parijat flower is the state flower of West Bengal and it is commonly known as Indian night jasmine.

Get the Best Suitable Soil for Growing Flowers in Pots at Home

Suitable Soil for Growing Flowers in Pots
Suitable Soil for Growing Flowers in Pots (Image credit: Pixabay)

You need to get the best soil. Flowers need good soil to grow up strong and healthy. You need to find out what potting medium is the best for the flowers you are growing and then you need to try to find the best location or potting mix for your flowers.

Suitable Containers for Flowers At Home

There are different sizes of pots or containers are available for growing flowers at home. You need to pick them according to the required size. For small plants, you need to use small pots or containers. For medium and large growing plants you need to use medium and large size containers.

Choose the Suitable Location for Growing Flowers in Pots at Home

You need to select your location. Although flowers are typically very easy to grow, they can’t be grown just anywhere. A place with too much direct sun or too much shade will be difficult for some flowers to grow in well. You need to find out what type of light is best for the flowers you are wished to plant.

If you have decided on a specific plant in mind to grow, you need to check the light preferences for that plant and you need to choose your plot accordingly. You may even end up wanting to choose an area with more or less sun than your original plot has.

If you decided on planting several different types of flowers, you need to choose ones with similar light/shade requirements so that they grow equally well in the same location.

Selecting the Type of Plants for Growing Flowers in Pots

You need to visit a local gardening centre to choose the best flowers for your garden. Growing flowers from seeds, a small plant, bulbs, or cutting requires nearly the same process, so you need to focus on flowers that you enjoy, and that will also add a beautiful appearance to your yard. You need to check the tags that come with the flowers or seed packets to make sure that the selected flowers are right for you.

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Type of Plants for Growing Flowers in Pots
Type of Plants for Growing Flowers in Pots (Pic source: Pixabay)

You need to look for the completed growth size of the flower. You need to ask about native flowers before looking at all the available varieties. Flowers that suitable to your area are already known to be successful growers in your soil, temperature, and humidity zones.

You need to check to see if the flower you are growing is annual or a perennial. Annuals flowers bloom only once a year and must be replanted yearly, but are called for their bright colours and beautiful blossoms. Perennials will grow back every year without needing to be replanted and they will continue to grow larger over time.

You need to read the tag for the watering requirements for the flowers. Some plants need to water very frequently, while others require it only infrequently. If you are getting multiple different species of flowers, you better try to choose ones with similar watering requirements.

Planting Time of Flowers in Pots

You need to plant at the right time. You need to even plant with the perfect soil, ideal location, and healthy flowers, if you don’t plant at the right time your flowers will be ruined. Most of the flowers don’t do very well in weather that is too cold or hot, so it is best to plant flowers in spring because it is between these periods.

Planting Procedure for Growing Flowers in Pots

You need to dig a hole. If you want to plant your flowers from seed, you need to only plant your seeds 1⁄4 inch or 0.6 cm deep, but it is very important to check the specific planting directions recommended for any flower you want to plant. You need to find out how deep to plant them. A transplanted or potted flower will need a hole as deep as the root ball that it comes with. Flowers should not need to be smothered with soil.

You need to get out of your flowers. This step is very important for potted flowers that are being transplanted. While the flowers are in a plastic pot, you need to water them heavily to drench the soil. Then, you need to pull the flowers out of the pot and you need to gently break up the root ball with your fingers. This will help the roots of the flowers to grow out into the soil of the plant.

You need to feed your flowers. By putting a bit of slow-release food for flowers that are similar to fertilizer. This will help new plants to grow quickly. You need to add a few tablespoons to the bottom of each hole, and need to gently incorporate it into the soil with your fingers.

You need to plant your flowers. You need to place each plant into the individual holes prepared for them. By using your hands you need to fill in space around each flower and need to cover the top of the root ball. You need to avoid adding much soil to the top of the flower planted; then the stem of the flowers should never cover by dirt.

How to Maintain Flowers in Pots At Home

How to Maintain Flowers in Pots At Home
How to Maintain Flowers in Pots At Home (Image source: Pixabay)
  1. You need to water your flowers regularly. Until you experience rain daily, you need to take the time to give water to your flowers. Although every individual need vary based on humidity and the type of plant you choose, it is most common to add several cups or mugs of water to each plant by using a watering close to the soil to avoid disturbing the growing flowers or to avoid causing soil erosion. You can also have a sprinkler system or drip system installed to complete the work for you on an automated basis.
  2. You need to weed out unnecessary plants. If you want that your flowers to be the focal point of your little garden plot, so you should not let weeds steal the show. As you see them appear, you need to pull out unsightly weeds from the soil around your flowers. Not only are the weeds unattractive, but also they take all the nutrients from the soil, and space in your flowers need to grow healthily.
  3. You need to deadhead your flowers. Whenever blooms on your flowers die off or when they become old and wilted, you need to cut them off. Cutting off the dead blossoms and leaves will help to stimulate the new growth and have your flowers looking even more beautiful than ever.
  4. You need to add support. If your flowers are growing very tall, they may become too heavy to stand on their own. So, you need to add bamboo stakes or forked branches upright in the pot for the plants to lean against or to wrap around for support. This is very particularly helpful and necessary for vine flowers that grow by wrapping or taking support around things.
  5. You need to consider relocating. As you continue to grow your flowers, they may become too large for the pot you originally chose for them. So, you need to consider moving them to a larger pot and you can even add new flowers to their old pot. This process will keep your garden growing big, healthy, and beautiful.

Commonly Asked Questions for Growing Flowers in Pots at Home In India

How long do potted flowers last?

You need to avoid plants whose flowers have already begun to fade away. Flowers generally last about two to three weeks, depending on the outdoor temperatures and climates

How do you take care of potted flowers at home?

Here are some tips for taking care of your potted plants at home.

In hot and warm weather, you need to water every day. When watering, you should not just sprinkle the foliage or flowers – you need to make sure the water is going into the soil in the pot. To keep plants blooming, you need to use fertilizer occasionally with a water-soluble fertilizer.

Why are the potted flowers dying?

Improper watering is the main reason for the sudden death of your plants. Root rot is a disease, which results in wet and poorly drained soil, and can be seen under the surface of the soil, even if your plant looks healthy. This problem is very easy to see if you remove the dead plant from the flower pot.

How often should potted flowers be watered?

A few more tips on pots or containers. Early in the spring season when your flower plants are very smaller and when the temperatures are lower you may only have to water every 3 or 4 days. As your plants get larger and the mercury creeps higher be prepared to water every day.


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