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Growing Fennel Hydroponically – A Full Guide

A step by step guide to growing Fennel hydroponically

Are you planning to growing fennel hydroponically.  Fennel is an herb that produces the fennel bulbs and fennel seeds; fennel is called saunf in Hindi. The fennel herb, Foeniculum vulgare, as it is botanically called has been in use for quite a long time. Fennel belongs to the carrot family. The fennel herb is commonly used for medicinal purposes and eventually due to its characteristic refreshing flavour; it is used in many cuisines for flavouring purpose making it one of the favourites for the chefs as well as homemakers. Though it is native to Europe, the fennel herb is now cultivated all over the world. You can spot sugar-coated Fennel seeds used as mouth fresheners in every restaurant. They say hydroponics is a saviour and a modern gardening tool.

How to grow hydroponic Fennel

There are two ways to raise fennel if you are wondering how to grow fennel. Fennel herb maybe sometimes divided using seedlings, by root and crown division. But a lot of care in handling has to be taken when dividing fennel plants as they do not like their roots getting disturbed. Fennel doesn’t like its tap root being disturbed, just like a carrot.

Hydroponic Fennel Plant.
Fennel Plant.

The other method for growing fennel is from seeds which widely used way. Fennel has a wider range of germination percentage; from about 60% to 90%. Planting fennel by seed is an easier choice. Fennel seeds can be sown in grow media plugs such as rockwool starter plugs. You can see fennel seeds sprouting in approximately 8 to 12 days. Once germinated the seedlings can be planted or shifted to the hydroponic system. Plants can also be grown indoors and transplanted to the system when they are 3 or 4 inches tall with true leaves.

Hydro Fennel plant care

The practice on how to grow fennel is quite simple as it is a low maintenance plant. Fennel herb doesn’t require a lot of care. It is a member of the same family as Carrot, Parsley, and Dill. Fennel herb produces fruits upon maturity. The fennel plant matured fruits are in fact what we incorrectly refer as seeds.

While growing fennel, place hydroponic system with fennel seedlings in a location that receives full sun. Fennel plant needs at the very least about 6 hours of bright, unobstructed sunlight every day. A south-facing window may provide adequate lighting for developing a fennel plant. Rotate the plants to ensure all sides receive sufficient coverage is advisable. Fennel does well on up to 10-12 hours of sunlight per day, grow lights are suggested for extra supplementation, and especially if your plants are not receiving the minimum natural sunlight to remain healthy that happens indoors usually.

Fennel herb leaves are soft and needle-like. The plants can reach up to a height of 5 to 6 feet and can be used as an ornamental plant as well. Not just the fennel seeds, but the fennel plant leaves are aromatic too. Room temperatures ranging in the 60-70-degree range are ideal for the growth, along with a relative humidity level about 40-60% range.

  • EC: 1.0-1.4
  • The pH range: 6.4-6.8

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Hydroponic nutrients for fennel plant

The nutrient solution is the soul of hydroponics and is one of the key components of growing hydroponic fennel. Mixing the right amount of fertilizer and water creates the “hydroponic nutrient solution.”  It is suggested to drain, clean and re-add a new fresh nutrient solution to uphold optimal conditions. This refilling of nutrient solution should be done at least once a month, although more frequently is positive for growth. Methods for providing the nutrient solution comprises of the Passive method (which permits grower to decide when and how much nutrient solution a plant requires, without using of pumps and timers), the Flood and Drain method (when grow trays and pots are flooded with the nutrient solution by help of a pump), a Drip System (nutrient solution is provided using a pump to drip nutrient solution on to the plants), the Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) and the aeroponic method.

The best hydroponic system for growing Fennel

Hydroponic setups like a dutch bucket system, Kratky system can be used for less volume of plants suitable for the home growers. For high scale growth, NFT and ebb and flow can be used for making the herbal garden as well.

Harvesting hydroponic Fennel

The mature bulbs can be harvested as soon as the grower wants. It takes most of the fennel plants about 6–8 weeks to reach appropriate harvesting size.

You can harvest fennel twice (once only for the greens, once for the bulb and greens together. Fennel herb starts flowering and produces seeds simultaneously. The seeds can be harvested or can be left on the plant for next growing. This can result in re-seeding or propagation. Make sure you do not plant fennel seeds nearby Dill as they cross-pollinate readily.

That’s all folks about growing Fennel hydroponically. Keep growing herbs in hydroponics.

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