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DIY Balcony Garden Ideas, Tips, and Techniques

Introduction to DIY balcony garden ideas: Balcony gardens are precisely what their name implies. They’re gardens on balconies. Container gardening is used in this urban gardening due to its limited space. You can add small trellises to pots and containers to help some plants grow vertically, depending on the size of your balcony. Planters, railing planters, hanging baskets, and vertical wall planters can all be used to create a fantastic balcony garden. It is a portable object used to display live flowers or plants that are small, enclosed, and usually portable. Pots, boxes, tubs, baskets, tins, barrels, and hanging baskets can all be used.

Guide on DIY balcony garden ideas, how to create a beautiful balcony garden, tips, techniques and commonly asked questions

DIY Balcony Garden Ideas, Tips, and Techniques
Image Source: Pixabay

How to create a beautiful balcony garden

Your light needs to be correct: Take the time to learn how many hours of sun your balcony receives every day before you buy anything. Make sure no trees or walls are blocking large portions of the sky – indirect light is also essential. It is possible to grow many plants on a north-facing balcony with sufficient indirect light. The plants to grow in full sun include grasses, succulents (such as echeveria), sage, oregano, strawberries, mint, lettuce, and basil. You can plant Coleus, English ivy, Fuchsia, peace lilies, and begonias in areas with lots of shade.

Planters need to be checked: Plants’ growth habits should be compatible with the containers you intend to use. Additionally, they should have adequate drainage.

Use only the best dirt: Make sure the potting soil you use is designed for containers – this kind of soil is very light.

Cover the soil with mulch: Dry soil with moss, pea gravel, or shredded cedar is best avoided.

Put a layer of compost on top: Apartment dwellers and anyone who cannot make compost will benefit from compost tea, suitable for indoor use. In addition, plants are watered naturally with compost tea. 

Drink plenty of water for the plants: Windy areas will require your plants to be watered more frequently, probably once a day in summer. Also, Terra cotta pots require watering more often than plastic or fiberglass pots.

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How to create a beautiful balcony garden
Image Source: Pixabay

Be careful not to rush watering: Let excess water drain out from the bottom of the container by watering slowly and thoroughly.

Weather-proof: Ensure your pots are frost-proof if you plan to keep them outside during the winter.

DIY balcony garden ideas

Balcony garden planters: People have found modern ways to enjoy the greenery around their greenery by creating balcony gardens. The presence of such a green space on your balcony will add to its beauty and give you a nice place to enjoy your time with your loved ones. Creating this idea does not require much space; some fancy plants and planters will suffice.

A balcony garden with a personal touch: You don’t have an oversized balcony to display your garden? No worries! You can create a cozy spot in your little gallery by placing some beautiful plants and a comfy chair around a lantern and some artifacts.

Greenhouse: The greenhouse is the perfect idea for anyone who wishes to decorate a small balcony. You only need monochrome planters, pebbles, and beautiful plants to create this corner garden. However, adding a buddha will add a spiritual touch as well.

Balcony garden in a small space: Create this mini garden on your high-rise balcony. You can make many things work in that small space of your flat with just some colorful flowers, leaves, planters on a trellis frame, and seating.

Makeover of a balcony garden on a budget: With this pretty DIY balcony garden with a pretty fountain, which you can DIY easily, you can create a beautiful garden. It’s great to spend some time on your balcony with your family after a long day at work-especially after a hard day at the office. In addition, you can have morning tea, evening snacks, or even a barbeque dinner.

Simple DIY balcony garden: This idea can turn your regular balcony into exotic. The tutorial will explain how to make the most of the small spaces and create a beautiful garden.

Colorful DIY balcony garden: The following DIY project can be an excellent inspiration for your balcony makeover. Transform your space with planters, old tires, bean bags, small tables, and lots of pillows.

Freestanding minimalist container: What’s the deal with minimalists and balcony gardens? Make your balcony more inviting by adding some freestanding planters in a variety of colors and shapes. The correct dose of greenery is achieved by cultivating tropical plants like paradise palms and umbrella plants.

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Freestanding minimalist container:
Image Source: Pixabay

Balcony garden with deck style: Create a small deck on your balcony for something offbeat. The deck tiles shown here can be made of wood or plastic. In addition, you can add fake grass and pebbles to make them more eye-catching. Use the railing to hang planters. You can also hang potted plants on a pallet wall. 

Oasis of flowers on the balcony: It is easy to create a floral garden on a balcony, even if you have a limited amount of space. Use pots and hanging planters that can be hooked to the railings. Make your space look like it’s straight out of an Italian rom-com by planting petunias, geraniums, and clematis. A Secret Rose GardenCreate a private oasis on your balcony. But how? Plant roses. You can enjoy their fragrance all summer long. Roses can be grown in colorful pots, or you can let climbing varieties climb your balcony.

Balcony herb garden terra cotta: Use terra cotta planters to grow herbs like dill, rosemary, and basil. Why terra cotta? Clay planters look attractive and are porous so that you won’t overwater your herbs.

The tin can planter: Making planters out of tin cans can add a touch of class to your balcony. Zip ties are used to attach them to the railing. Nail holes into the boards and fasten them with zip ties. Smaller tin cans can plant herbs with shallow roots, such as basil and thyme, while more giant cans are needed for parsley and lemongrass.

Steel staircase stand: Set up your balcony herb garden in a metal stand with multiple levels. Available in many sizes, these stands are durable as well. Additionally, they will allow you to grow various herbs in a limited amount of space and display them beautifully.

DIY planter box made of wood: Your planter box can be constructed with wood scraps from discarded pallets. Soil is placed inside the planter once it is complete. Herbs such as mint, basil, parsley, and oregano can be grown in your planter.

Planters made from wooden crates: Make a herb garden out of old wooden crates. Rustic and country-looking, these planters don’t take up much space. Using wooden legs will also allow you to lift them off the ground. As a result, you don’t have to stoop while picking fresh herbs.

Buckets made of metal in multiple colors: Metal buckets add color to your balcony garden. Use pink, red, orange, and blue as your primary colors. Planters like this will look fancy even in winter when your plants go dormant. Choose easy-to-care-for plants such as dahlias, lavenders, roses, and pansies.

Plater trellis fairy: A wooden trellis to hang pots from would be a great addition to your balcony. Use it to hang a variety of sizes of planters. Add some fairy lights and a tiny fairy house to your arrangement to invite pixies to your balcony.

Hanging pots made of clay: Your balcony will look stunning with terra cotta pots hung from the ceiling. Create a chain of pots if you want to maximize your vertical space.   By doing so, the space on your balcony won’t shrink any further. You can also take in the vibrant seasonal blooms.

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Hanging pots made of clay
Image Source: Pixabay

Planters with urns: Bring in urn planters for a balcony garden that will surely steal the show. Make them stand out by painting them in vibrant colors and placing them in neat rows. The offbeat look of such planters will make your balcony garden stand out. 

Basket of garden vegetables: Placing balcony vegetable gardens is easy with plastic baskets. Plastic baskets are space-saving, durable, lightweight, and generally portable. Plant good potting mix in them.

Garden made from crates: Almost anything from spinach to strawberries can be grown in old wooden crates. In addition to being eco-friendly and inexpensive, they also take up very little space.

Wicker baskets for hanging: While many different materials are used to contain your vegetable garden, how about hanging wicker baskets? Then, start planting veggies in them after covering them with plastic, filling the soil, and covering it with soil.

Deck garden with vegetables: Create a thriving vegetable garden on your deck. Use a lot of planters to maximize yields. Create a narrow passage between them to allow for movement.

Balcony overlooking a micro-park: It’s a good idea to use your balcony to the fullest if gardening is your passion. Various planters and hanging baskets are used, from clay pots to railing planters. Despite living in a small apartment, you can have the balcony of a mini-park and fulfill your gardening dreams.

The balcony of a rustic apartment doesn’t take many plants to make your balcony look rustic. You can also use potted plants. Pots and containers of various sizes, shapes, and colors are essential. Place them randomly on your balcony and grow different plants in them. They’ll look great.

Sunny balcony garden: How about a petunia and rose-filled balcony garden? Hang planters from the roof or mount them on the railing for an old-school feel.

Garden on a balcony corner: Make use of a small corner to grow plants. Add some freestanding pots and trellises to your railing to green your space. The best flowers to grow are lavenders, marigolds, sunflowers, and fuchsias. You now have your little corner garden. Marigolds can even repel your garden by repelling mosquitoes.

Crate garden repurposed: Make a raised flower bed for your balcony using old wooden crates. Plants and vegetables can be grown quickly and cost-effectively since they take up little space.  

A blooming flower garden: Even a tiny space can make a dramatic statement with a vibrant and colorful balcony. Utilize every square inch you have. Hang planters, rail pots, and even trellises are good places to grow plants.

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A blooming flower garden
Image Source: Pixabay

Vertical garden ideas for balconies: You can use your balcony’s walls to your advantage. Find out how. It’s easy to grow vertically. Pots are often hung on trellises, shelves, and even gutters and pallets. These vertical garden ideas will inspire you for your balcony.

Walls on trailers: With trailing plants in ceramic pots, create a green waterfall on your balcony. Hang the pots using wooden or metal holders. Using a metal or wooden holder, hang the pots on a clean wall. You can grow English ivy, golden pothos, the string of pearls, and burro’s tails.

Pallet hanging garden DIY: Create a vertical balcony garden by upcycling old palettes. Hang different shaped and sized planters on it on a bare wall on your balcony. It’s easy and budget-friendly to do this DIY project. You can quickly obtain old palettes from your local grocery or retail store.

Commonly asked questions about balcony gardening 

1. What are the steps to building a small balcony garden?

  • Seek the advice of a garden designer. 
  • Designate a space for an oversized planter. 
  • Install a table and chairs on an expansive balcony garden. 
  • Turn your balcony into a fifth room by adding a garden

2. What is the best way to prepare the soil for a balcony garden?

Ideally, the soil mix should contain regular soil, compost coir peat (or sand), and vermicompost in equal amounts. Ensure to add essential nutrients back to the soil after heavy rains because water will wash them away. You can add compost every week to ensure the soil has enough nutrients.

3. What is the best way to make a balcony garden beautiful?

  • Include a small table 
  • Add built-in seating
  • Add greenery 
  • Use floor pillows 
  • Add a pattern to your outdoor space with a rug
  • Make use of your wall space
  • Let’s light it up
  • Place a chair or hammock

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Home garden with chair
Image Source: Pixabay

 4. Is it possible to grow tomatoes in the balcony garden?

You can grow many plants on your balcony, including tomatoes, kale, spinach, celery, Bok choy, eggplant, peppers, and green onions. Top of the list are tomatoes because they overgrow, are very productive, and don’t require much space. So, tomatoes should be at the top of your list when it comes to potted vegetables.

5. What is the best way to maintain a balcony garden?

  • Make sure your lights are working
  • Make sure your planters are in good shape 
  • Use only quality dirt 
  • Cover the soil with mulch 
  • Apply compost as a top dressing 
  • Maintain proper hydration of the plants
  • Don’t rush watering
  • Water-resistant


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