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Discover the Top 19 Best Broccoli Varieties for Home Garden Abundant Harvests

Broccoli is a nutritious and easy-to-grow vegetable that can add variety to any home garden. With so many different varieties available, there’s sure to be one that suits your taste and growing conditions. Whether you prefer classic green sprouting or want to try something new like Romanesco or purple cauliflower Broccoli, it’s worth experimenting with different types of Broccoli in your garden. Remember to follow the tips for successful growth, such as providing plenty of sunlight and water while avoiding pests and diseases. With some effort and patience, you’ll soon enjoy fresh home-grown Broccoli from your backyard.

Top 19 Best Broccoli Varieties for Home Garden

Top 19 Best Broccoli Varieties for Home Garden

Di Cicco Broccoli

The Di Cicco Broccoli variety is prized for its delicious taste and tender texture. This variety of Broccoli is easy to grow and thrives in various growing conditions, making it the perfect choice for home gardeners. One unique feature of Di Cicco Broccoli is that it produces side shoots after the main head has been harvested, which means you can continue to harvest fresh florets over an extended period.

Another benefit of this variety is that it resists bolting better than other varieties, meaning it will not go to seed prematurely when subjected to periods of hot weather. Di Cicco is a reliable choice for gardeners living in unpredictable weather patterns.

Belstar Broccoli

Belstar Broccoli is a popular hybrid variety gaining attention among home gardeners. It is known for its high yields, disease resistance, and delicious taste. One of the unique characteristics of Belstar Broccoli is its short stature, making it an ideal choice for smaller gardens or containers. Despite its compact size, this variety produces large, flavorful heads that can be harvested 65-70 days after transplanting.

Another advantage of growing Belstar Broccoli is its extended harvest period. Once the main head is harvested, side shoots grow and produce additional florets over several weeks. This means you can enjoy fresh and nutritious Broccoli from your garden all season. If you’re looking for a versatile and productive variety to grow in your home garden, consider trying Belstar Broccoli.

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Waltham Broccoli

The Waltham Broccoli plant produces large, blue-green heads packed with nutrients and flavor. Waltham Broccoli is also known for its long growing season, making it a great choice for those in cooler climates. One of the unique features of Waltham Broccoli is its ability to produce side shoots after the main head has been harvested.

Waltham Broccoli plants require full sun and regular watering to thrive. They also benefit from fertilizing with compost or other organic matter throughout the growing season. When it comes time to harvest your Waltham Broccoli, cut the head at an angle about 5 inches below where it attaches to the stem. This will encourage side-shoot production and ensure you get as much yield as possible from each plant.

Blue Wind Broccoli

Blue Wind Broccoli is a hybrid variety that produces medium-sized heads of blue-green Broccoli. This type is known for its uniform and reliable growth, making it a popular choice among home gardeners. One of the benefits of growing Blue Wind Broccoli is its ability to grow well in cooler temperatures, which makes it an ideal choice for fall or early spring planting.

Additionally, this variety has good disease resistance, making it easier to maintain overall plant health. Provide enough water and nutrients throughout the growing season to ensure optimal growth and yield. Harvesting Blue Wind Broccoli before the buds start opening up into flowers is also important, indicating over-ripening.

Calabrese Broccoli

This type of Broccoli has large heads with blue-green florets and thick stems. It’s known for its sweet flavor and tender texture, making it a favorite among home gardeners. One great thing about calabrese Broccoli is that it’s easy to grow in most climates. When planting calabrese Broccoli, space the plants 18-24 inches apart to allow room for growth. Harvesting calabrese Broccoli requires patience as the heads take longer to mature than other varieties.

Destiny Broccoli

Destiny Broccoli is a newer variety that is gaining popularity among home gardeners. It produces large heads with tightly-packed florets, making it perfect for those who love Broccoli crowns. One of the benefits of growing Destiny Broccoli at home is that you can harvest it over an extended period.

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Broccoli Plant

The main head will mature first, but smaller side shoots will form, giving you additional harvests. Destiny Broccoli grows best in cooler temperatures, so it’s ideal for planting in early spring or fall. Ensure regular watering and fertilize every few weeks to promote healthy growth.

Burgundy Broccoli

Burgundy Broccoli is a unique and colorful variety that can add beauty to any home garden. This type of Broccoli has deep purple heads and green leaves, making it beautiful and flavorful. One of the great things about Burgundy Broccoli is its high levels of antioxidants, known for their powerful health benefits.

Another benefit of growing Burgundy Broccoli at home is that it’s easy to care for. When it comes time to harvest your Burgundy Broccoli, be sure to do so before the flowers open. This will ensure maximum flavor and tenderness in each head. Burgundy Broccoli is a fun and delicious addition to any home garden.

Santee Broccoli

Santee Broccoli is a unique Broccoli variety that thrives well in warm climates. It has a compact head and produces side shoots after the main harvest, which prolongs the harvest period. This means you can enjoy fresh Broccoli for an extended time. One of the reasons why Santee Broccoli is popular among home gardeners is because it’s resistant to downy mildew disease, which affects many other varieties grown in warm regions.

It takes about 70-80 days for Santee Broccoli to mature from seedlings, so it’s important to plan your planting accordingly. To ensure healthy growth, provide adequate water and fertilize regularly with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

Red Fire Broccoli

Red Fire Broccoli is unique and attractive, with deep green leaves and a purplish-red hue. This cool-season crop can be grown in spring and fall, making it a versatile addition to any home garden. When growing Red Fire Broccoli at home, it’s important to keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. The plants prefer full sun exposure but can tolerate shade during hot summer.

White Sprouting Broccoli

White Sprouting Broccoli is a unique variety that produces delicate white florets. One of the best things about White Sprouting Broccoli is that it can withstand cold temperatures better than other varieties. This makes it an excellent choice for gardeners in cooler climates who want fresh produce all year round.

Gardeners should keep the soil moist but not waterlogged and provide regular fertilization throughout the growing season. Harvesting White Sprouting Broccoli starts in late winter or early spring when buds emerge from the center stalk. The florets should be harvested before they open fully, which indicates over-maturity.

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Broccoli Farming

Big Boy

Big Boy Broccoli is a hybrid variety that was developed for home gardeners. This Broccoli has a great flavor and produces large heads weighing up to one pound. Gardeners love Big Boy because it is easy to grow, and the plants resist many common diseases. When planting Big Boy Broccoli, it is important to prepare the soil properly. The soil should be rich in organic matter and have good drainage. You may also want to consider adding some fertilizer before planting.

Once your plants start growing, make sure they get plenty of water. Broccoli needs consistent moisture throughout its growing season, especially during hot weather. Harvesting Big Boy Broccoli at the right time is essential for getting the best flavor and texture. Wait until the main head has formed fully but hasn’t yet started to open up or flower. Cut off the main head with a sharp knife, leaving about an inch of stem attached.

Crispy Blue

The Crispy Blue plant produces medium-sized heads with tightly packed buds. The bright blue-green color of the buds makes them easy to spot among other plants in the garden. One of the unique features of Crispy Blue is its resistance to bolting, which means it can be grown longer into the season without going to seed.

This allows for extended harvesting time and ensures a consistent supply of fresh Broccoli throughout the growing season. Crispy Blue is an excellent choice for home gardeners looking for something different than traditional Broccoli varieties while still delivering on taste and usability.

Blue Wonder

Blue Wonder is a unique variety of beautiful and tasty Broccoli. The great thing about Blue Wonder is how easy it is to grow. It’s resistant to many common pests and diseases, making it low-maintenance and ideal for beginner gardeners. When planting Blue Wonder in your home garden, give each plant plenty of space to grow.

Spigariello Liscia Broccoli

Spigariello Liscia Broccoli is a lesser-known variety becoming increasingly popular among home gardeners. One of the unique characteristics of Spigariello Liscia Broccoli is its long stems, which are similar to kale. The leaves are larger than traditional Broccoli varieties and have a more delicate texture. This variety does well in cooler temperatures but can still thrive in warmer climates if given adequate shade. It’s also easy to grow from seed and can be harvested within 50-60 days after planting.

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Quarantina Broccoli

This type of Broccoli produces small heads with tender stems and leaves perfect for cooking. Its flavor is mild and sweet, with a slightly bitter aftertaste that adds depth to any dish. One unique characteristic of Quarantine Broccoli is its ability to produce side shoots after the main head has been harvested.

This means you can continue harvesting from the same plant over time, increasing yield and reducing waste. When planting Quarantina Broccoli, give each plant enough space as they can grow quite large. They prefer well-draining soil but need regular watering during dry spells.

Novantina Broccoli

Novantina Broccoli is a variety that has gained popularity because of its unique taste and texture. This variety is known for being very hardy and resistant to pests and diseases. Novantina Broccoli can thrive in various weather conditions, making it ideal for home gardeners with unpredictable growing seasons.

One of the benefits of growing Novantina Broccoli at home is that you can harvest the main head first and allow smaller heads to develop afterward. This means you can enjoy fresh produce from your garden over an extended period. As with other varieties, Novantina Broccoli prefers well-draining soil with plenty of organic matter. Watering should be consistent but not excessive to avoid root rot.

Atlantis Broccoli

Atlantis Broccoli is a relatively new variety quickly gaining popularity among gardeners. It produces medium-sized heads with tightly packed florets and has a unique blue-green color, making it stand out from other Broccoli varieties. One of the benefits of growing Atlantis Broccoli in your home garden is its ability to produce side shoots after the main head has been harvested.

This means you can continue to harvest fresh Broccoli for an extended period, making it a great investment for any gardener. Another advantage of this variety is its resistance to diseases such as Downy Mildew and Fusarium Wilt, which are common issues for many vegetable crops. With proper care and maintenance, Atlantis Broccoli can thrive in various climates and soil types.

Orbit Romanesco

Orbit Romanesco is a unique Broccoli variety that has recently gained popularity among home gardeners. When growing Orbit Romanesco, plant seeds in well-draining soil and keep the plants well-watered. They prefer cooler temperatures and can thrive in partial shade or full sun. One thing to note about this variety is that it can take longer to mature than other Broccoli, so patience is key when waiting for those beautiful heads to form.

Veronica Romanesco

Veronica Romanesco has a distinct pointed spiral shape with light green florets tightly packed together in a fractal pattern. This makes it delicious and a beautiful addition to any garden. Veronica Romanesco requires full sun exposure and well-draining soil to thrive. Proper spacing is important when planting this type of Broccoli since it grows quite large compared to other varieties.

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Broccoli Close Up View


Growing Broccoli in your home garden is a delicious addition to your meals and a rewarding experience. With the wide variety of Broccoli cultivars available, you can choose the one that best suits your gardening conditions and culinary preferences. You can enjoy fresh homegrown Broccoli all season by selecting the right cultivar and providing proper care.


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