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Creative Ideas For Container Gardening, Tips

Introduction to creative ideas for container gardening: The term container gardening refers to various containers to grow to produce flowers, herbs, and more. Using upcycled materials and existing space intriguingly and uniquely combines nature and indoors. With a small container garden, you can see how far you can go in the world of gardening.

A guide to creative ideas for container gardening, basics, tips, techaniques, and secrets

Creative gardening ideas for beginners
Creative gardening ideas (Image source: pixabay)

Basics of creative ideas for container gardening

Plan your harvest: Make a list of different herbs, fruits, and vegetables you are interested in growing. Next, determine what type of soil you need and how often you should water each plant based on the specific requirements of each plant. Finally, considering a location and plants planted near one another will set you up for success when landscaping at the beginning.

Select a location: If you want to house your container garden in a sunny room:

  • Examine where the light comes in.
  • Pay attention to when and how long the sun shines.
  • Make your children keep a data log for a week or two, and let them decide which is the best place to play.

Choose the container type: Container gardens can be as creative or as unique as you want them to be. Please take a look at the space you have available, and then make use of it.

  • It is convenient to see the roots of your plants when it is in glass containers such as Mason jars.
  • Upcycling materials (milk cartons, cans, etc.) shows kindness to the environment by reusing what is available to you. Use upcycled juice cartons for this fun project.

Collect your materials: The soil and seeds need to be selected. The best potting soil for container gardens is lightweight organic potting soil. Organize all of the gardener’s tools and resources into a handy gardener’s kit. Include the following:

  • Hand trowels
  • Gardening gloves
  • Small spading forks
  • Watering can
  • Small round points shovels
  • Wooden stakes to label plants

Grow your plants with love: Please encourage them to be more present and aware of their surroundings while they plant. Gardening can help them feel calm and connected to their emotions as well as connect with the earth. Consider the various steps that go into transforming a seedling into a fresh cucumber or tomato, etc.

Design ideas for creative container gardening  

Gardening design ideas for small spaces: Smaller spaces can challenge making the most of them. However, you can design a beautiful small garden to which you’ll love returning again and again. The wooden bench and chairs shown here can be used as an example.

Gardening ideas for backyards in small cities: The flowers hung in the arch and the brick wall create the perfect setting for this lovely backyard garden, showcasing different colors and textures.

A timber deck for a small space garden: Small gardens are ideal for entertaining and relaxing. Plants and flowers that help you feel serene should be placed in the area. You’ll be able to pick up on your guest’s mood and make them feel very welcome.

Water features in rectangular garden designs ideas: Imagining your backyard space as a blank canvas can help you visualize its potential. With greenery, patio furniture, and water features, any shape is beautifully decorated. A bridge leads across a pond to a seating area in this example.

Designs for oriental urban gardening: In addition to planting, city gardens can be used for playing, relaxing, and entertaining. With this garden idea, transform your outdoor space into something oriental.

Designing and lay-outing an indoor-outdoor garden: Now, check out this fantastic combination of outdoor and indoor styles. If you can have a modern living room in the open like this, why do you need windows?

Designing a rooftop urban garden: Bring nature into your home by growing colorful flowers in planters on your roof or terrace. Although the ceilings are dizzying, the wooden furniture makes this homely.

Ideas for a charming garden: It only takes a little bit of creativity and effort to create your garden fantasy. A cheap plant wall and some striking wireframe chairs are shown.

Design for stone edging in a garden: Create a natural-looking flower border and striking color contrast with rocks along your walkway.

The design of the garden is pleasant: Organize paths and structures in a simple way that is easy to navigate. The simple act of being surrounded by greenery can sometimes be all you need.

Garden ideas for the modern home: Here is something that is both simple and sophisticated at the same time. Garden lighting is used to create a significant effect in this design, which blends in straight lines seamlessly.

An idea for a flower garden design: Fill your garden with fragrance by allowing flowers to be the focal point. We’ll use lavender and other plants that make noses happy in this example.

Designs for small backyards: A simple design that uses neutrally colored stones and pavers alongside low plants. Colors are less important than space in this illustration,

Designing a hillside landscape: The process of landscaping a hillside is more complicated than landscaping a flat garden. However, a simple design like this example is easily achieved with wooden steps and tiered beds.

Planters for a unique garden design: Using tin cans for plant growth can save you some money. A beautiful garden is also enhanced economically by using this material.

Designing small dish gardens: Adding a dish garden to your garden can add character to it. There is no need to have round dishes; you can have octagonal ones instead. Adding different plants to one container is also an option.

Designing a garden with hanging planters and pots: Plants are easily stacked, and English ivy and other climbers can be used as a backdrop when creating a balcony garden.

Planters for balcony gardens: A garden planter can be a great addition to a terrace or rooftop, so it looks lusher. Make an urban garden by bundling together.

Garden design with paths: Garden paths made with different textures and materials can add a lot of interest to your garden.

Ideas for creative container gardening

Choosing a creative container for your outdoor space can be challenging, but here’s a list of the best creative garden container ideas that you’ll love. Each of these creative containers transforms an item you can easily find at the flea market or in your home into a lovely display for plants.

An aluminum and redwood planter full of life: Wood and metal contrast beautifully and are both weatherproof. Rather than redwood, use wood sourced from your area for this planter. Although aluminum is used in this example, it could be any metal you prefer. You can plant strawberry vines along your side if you feel adventurous.

Planters of lavender are iridescent: It looks like a fairytale combination of lavender plants and an iridescent planter. For a look that’s beyond reality, choose plants that have lots of fun details and a planter with an iridescent glaze. Plant purple basil or silvery sage instead of lavender if you do not like lavender.

Planter basket made from wicker: The laundry basket can be reused, or you can buy a new wicker basket. The trick is to find a planter that fits inside the basket and then plant the seeds there. Using layered plants makes for an attractive and neat planter.

Hanging painted tires as decorations: Look for an old tire. Drain the bottom by drilling holes. Weed barriers can be made of fabric to line tires. Styrofoam packing peanuts can assist with drainage. The bottom of the tire should be filled with potting soil and mixed with vertical and hanging annuals. You can hang it from a tree or a nail on the exterior of your house, like a tire swing.

Planters as Accent Pieces: Try a lattice planter for a playfully geometric statement. Even though this look is clean, one of the lattices could be painted black to add more dimension. Let the rustic character of the lattice shine through instead of painting it. Straight fern stems highlight linings in the lattice.

The chair used for potty training is bright:  As long as there is a place to put soil, anything can be used as a home for plants. You can quickly turn vintage toddler chairs into beautiful planters by using their waste bowls. Adding butterflies or stenciled words adds an extra touch of individuality. By painting this chair in a bright yellow ironic shade, we can see that beautiful things can grow in any environment.

Using stained cedar troughs to create a vertical herb garden: A vertical garden is a fantastic way to add lots of greenery to small spaces. Herb gardens can be quickly grown in these containers, even in large areas. To achieve a Scandinavian look, use blonde wood that has not been stained. A galvanized metal accent will make your farmhouse design stand out.

Planters made out of recycled containers: Make sustainable planters from leftover plastic containers if you’re crafty. The possibilities for customization are endless. Decorate with macramé hangers for a bohemian vibe or seashells for a coastal look. If you have more plastic waste, then you can handle larger plants.

A Strawberry tower by nursery buckets: By incorporating edibles into your landscape design, sustainable gardening can be achieved. While this tower is made from plastic plant buckets, your garden might benefit more from using sturdy materials like wood, concrete, or ceramics. In addition, strawberries are available all season long if you extend the growth of your strawberry seedlings.

Using a planter box as an end table: Because it fits seamlessly with the outdoor decor, this planter blends in seamlessly with the environment. You can retrofit most wood patio furniture with planters if you’re comfortable making modifications. Using this idea, you can grow herbs to cook and cocktail or maybe insect-repelling plants.

Plywood planter finished in faux zinc: These inexpensive planters will spruce up any area. Planters made from plywood, paint, and glazing medium are made at an affordable price. A copper finish could add warmth to this planter with a few modifications. These planters would look gorgeous in a container garden.

Planter made from recycled pallets painted rainbow: Rainbows can enhance almost every color scheme and add a cheerful touch. In other cases, you can choose a more neutral color if you want a more subdued appearance. Using colorful flower pots would also be an excellent way to add some personality to this piece.

Bohemian-inspired macrame hanging planter: In this macrame planter, smaller plants look divine suspended. Natural designs soften the landscape with their irregularities. It looks great when paired with plants with broad or smaller leaves for a more whimsical look. A hanging planter is an excellent option for those with limited space.

Planters made from reclaimed tackle boxes: A recycled tackle box gives colorful succulents a new lease on life as a home. Stones and succulents add a lot of visual interest, while rust cultivates character. A floral vine would look stunning with this planter, but it is not safe for edible plants.

Fairy garden in a broken wheelbarrow: A new coat of paint and stencils revitalize this broken wheelbarrow. You are adding a black permanent marker to a stenciled design to highlight it. Consider substituting a birdhouse for a fairy house if you do not like a fairy garden. You can even use this wheelbarrow to embellish a container garden.

The gutter garden for flowers, herbs, and strawberries: Planters like this are ideal for compact spaces or for people who find it challenging to bend easily. There are some limitations to vinyl gutters, such as short-rooted plants can only be used. However, you can paint plain gutters if they are uninspiring. Succulents can create a Zen atmosphere in your space, while vines can hide unsightly fences.

Using an old mailbox as a succulent container: Your succulent collection is welcomed into a whole new world as they overflow from the opening of this vintage-style mailbox. Add some waxy greenery to your porch or fence by hanging it there. A creative planter concept is a great idea.

Creative stairstep fairy garden box: Boost the visual appeal of your fairy container garden by creating this wooden box creation. In your backyard, it appears that you are hiding a fairy retreat. A tire swing and mini ladder make this the perfect house for any fairy.

Stylish container garden in brightly colored buckets: These buckets are vibrant and bold! The perfect place to plant your garden! Pollinators will flock to your garden this summer to ensure a healthy harvest. Add a splash of color to your backyard patio this summer by displaying them there.

Tool trough flower box painted with pansies: The flower box adds color long before the first pansies bloom! At the beginning of the season, this tool caddy is an excellent container for housing frost-friendly petals. In addition, a small table outside is often used to greet all your guests.

An idea for a DIY stone hand garden container: Concrete can make this unique planter. A large bucket is used to mix concrete. To fill rubber gloves:

  • Use them.
  • Take off the gloves after the concrete has dried.
  • Put flowers or greens in your hands.

Small pot planter with the palette: You can plant kitchen herbs in this pallet planter. The rail of a porch or deck could be quickly lean. Metal rings should be attached to the palette using screws. Fill the rings with small terracotta plant pots. Make a cohesive display by painting the tops of your pots with chalkboard paint and labeling your plants with attractive lettering.

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Pot Planter
Pot Planter (pic source: pixabay)

Garden built from repurposed filing cabinets: An ingenious container garden idea was born out of one man’s trash. A rusted, worn-out filing cabinet has been transformed into a cactus terrarium when turned on its side. Taking care of Mother Earth is a great thing to do.

Container for watering flowers in turquoise: Adding a cute planter to your backyard garden can be as easy as using a watering can. It is the perfect companion to this garden friend that is equally at home in the rain and sunshine. In addition, you can make your flower bed more interesting by giving your little girls their cans.

Slatted flower box for house numbers: Make your home easier to locate by using this wood crate flower box. You can fill this crate with flowers to add color to the industrial vibe of the wood and metal design. In addition, it has numbers engraved on metal that display your home address.

A wheelbarrow garden idea with plenty of pots: Enjoy an explosion of creativity in your garden space with these container garden ideas. Some old mosaic pots become a rich home for a large Hosta, while rusted wheelbarrows house your other plants. Place a terracotta on its side so ferns can thrive in the shade while they root into the soil.

Modern wood box: Modern and hip box planters are the perfect way to add some style to your porch. Decorative trees or any plants you love need to be held in them. Moreover, the duo consists of two heights to give the design even more drama and depth.

Herb garden on the railings: Having a private herb garden, which sits comfortably at the end of your porch railing, what’s not to love? Adding some fresh flavors to your kitchen dish is as easy as stepping away for your convenience when you’re cooking. In this idea for a container garden, you will have a wide variety of fresh herbs at your disposal.

Planter made with logs and rustic flowers: The base of this planter should be made of plywood. Several fireplace logs should be stripped of their bark. Logs of different heights and widths are used. Attach these to the plywood in an arc and screw them in place. Plant a pot inside to add a rustic touch.

Lunch box: Old wine crates are quickly turned into DIY vegetable gardens. Landscape fabric or black plastic with drainage holes can help keep the soil and moisture in the containers. A patch of ‘Ozark Beauty strawberries blooms beneath the pretty ‘Starfire’ marigolds in the back container. The carrots ‘Romeo’ and ‘Babette’ grow behind the beets ‘Kestrel Baby’ at the front of the container.

The birdbath is plentiful: An arrangement of colorful flowers blooms from this concrete birdbath. Red chrysanthemums and ‘Blushing Emily’ chrysanthemums contrast with pink ruby grass. ‘Dolce Crème Brule’ coral bells, yellow-green Golden Globe loosestrife, and green kale complete the mix.

Basket for bicycles: It is possible to create an unusual container for your garden from an old bike. Attach a flower basket to the bike (or use the basket that comes with it). The basket should

be lined with moss and filled with dirt. It is essential to account for drainage. Place colorful impatiens and ferns over the side of your bike if it’s in the shade.

Commonly asked questions about creative container gardening

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Questions about creative container gardening
Questions about creative container gardening (Pic credit: pixabay)

1. How can household items be used as plant containers?

  • Tin Cans.
  • Tea Cups.
  • Watering Can.
  • Glass Jars.

 2. What is the role of gardening in creativity?

The garden can be an excellent place to learn how to resolve problems. As an example,

A child can play with digging holes, filling watering cans with water, and deciding where to plant seeds.

3. Does the gardening design require a lot of effort?

Your imagination only limits the designs of your garden. Thus, begin by focusing on the most critical features rather than the details. Next, consider the points when designing your garden.

4. Would you please tell me how I can landscape my garden creatively?

Using items and materials, you already have, integrate them into your design. Organize things vertically and paint old objects a new color to save space. For example, you can build a fire pit yourself. Perennials are best used.

5. What makes gardening creative?

When a gardener does a job well, as a creative thinker does well, gardens thrive. But, to reap the benefits of a good harvest, you need a strong sense of creativity.  The best ideas often come after spending a day mucking around in the garden.


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