Best Tomato Varieties in India: Hybrid, Rainy Season, and High Yield

Tomatoes are short-term annual pubescent plants with uneven pinnate leaves. Tomato is one of the most consumed herbs in the world. They are eaten raw, added to salads, made into stew/soup, added to dishes, grilled, smoked, boiled, or fried. Tomato is India’s third most important crop after potatoes and onions. In India, the peak season of tomatoes is mainly at the beginning and end of the year. Let’s check out the best Tomato varieties in India.

Best Tomato Varieties in India
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Second-largest tomato-producing country in the world is India. Tomato fruit weighs about 70 to 150 grams, 50 to 70 millimeters in diameter. Due to their high nutritional value, tomatoes are one of the most important crops. It is one of the most favorite fruits, with a long history of use in Indian cuisine. In addition, tomatoes are high in antioxidants called lycopene that protect against cancer.

It also contains another antioxidant called carotene, known for its cancer prevention properties and gives the fruit a distinct red color. India is a significant tomato production country with top producers in Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Assam, and Maharashtra.

Best Tomato varieties in India

  • Arka Rakshak – Arka Rakshak is a high-yielding and disease-resistant type. Arka Rakshak type of tomato yields 19 kg per plant.
  • Pusa early dwarf – This type of fruit is medium-sized and has a round structure with a smooth base. This is an early mature variety of tomato with an average yield of 15 tonnes per acre. 
  • Abhinav – These fruits are square and have a fantastic foliage cover. They are smooth and dark red. The average weight of each is 80 to 100 grams. 
  • Paiyur-1 – It is a type developed by crossing Pusa Ruby and CO3. It is suitable for rainfed cultivation. It yields about 30 tons per hectare.
  • Arka Vishal – It is one of the high-yielding cultivars with an average production of 80 tons per hectare. These fruits are firm and round with a dark red color. These fruits resist fruit cracking.
  • Arka Shrestha – Arka Shrestha is a high-yielding hybrid variety of tomatoes. It is semi-determinate with light green leaves, and the fruit weighs about 70 to 75 grams. These fruits are firm, have a long shelf life (17 days), and are easily transported. The average yield is 76 tons per hectare.

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Tomato Farming
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  • Arka Saurabh – It is a medium-yielding variety of tomatoes. The average production is 35 tons per hectare. They are firm, round in shape, and have a thick pulp and a nipple at the apex. The crop is cultivated during Kharif/rabi season and matures in 140 days. 
  • Swarna – Fruits are pear-shaped with an average rate of 40 to 50 grams. It is a high-yielding variety.
  • Supriya – Fruits are oval and medium-sized with an average weight of 70 grams. It is a more productive variety with attractive dark red fruit.
  • Hybrid Chuhara – Fruits are medium-sized long with an attractive color of 75 grams of average weight. It is a short-term and high-yielding type that endures against hot weather.
  • Arka Meghali – This is a new high-yielding tomato variety cross between Arka Vikas and IHR 554, particularly suitable for rainfed cultivation. It was recorded under rainfall conditions at 17.2 tons per hectare. Individual fruits weigh 63 grams. 
  • Arka Vikas – Semi-determinate plants with dark green leaves. Fruit oblate, medium-large (80 to 90 grams) with a light green shoulder. Tolerant to heat and humidity stress. The crop is cultivated during the Kharif or rabi season and matures in 140 days. The average yield is 35 to 40 tons per hectare.

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Tomato Plantation
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  • Pusa Sadabahar – This cultivar produces a high tomato yield. Fruits are oval and have shiny skin with bright red color.
  • Arka Ashish – This type has semi-determinate plants with dark green leaves. Fruits are round, very firm, thick fleshed. Tolerant to powdery mildew. The crop is cultivated during the Kharif/rabi season and matures in 130 days. The average yield is 38 tons per hectare. 
  • Arka Abha – Fruits are medium-large (75 grams). Resistance to bacterial wilt. The crop is cultivated during the Kharif/rabi season and matures in 140 days. The average yield is 43 tons per hectare. 
  • Arka Alok – Fruit large (120 grams) round with light green shoulder. Resistance to bacterial wilt. The crop is cultivated during the Kharif/rabi season and matures in 130 days. The average yield is 46 tons per hectare.
  • CO-1 – Fruits are round and smooth, yellow-green when unripe, and capsicum red when fully ripe. Fruits are borne in clusters of 6 to 8, weighing about 125 grams. It yields an average of 40 tons per hectare.

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  • CO-2 – This is an indeterminate type. Fruits are flat with 4 to 5 furrows. Each fruit weighs an average of 55 to 60 grams. Ripe fruits are dark orange-red, with a duration of 140 days and 28 to 30 tons per hectare production. 
  • CO-3 (Marutham) – Fruits are round in shape with four light grooves and a capsicum red color. It is a cluster bearing type capable of producing up to 40 tons per hectare over the close spacing duration of 100 to 105 days.
  • Pusa 120 – Fruits are medium-large with the yellow stem end, smooth, attractive, and uniform ripening. This type is a heavy yielder and resistant to the nematode.
  • COTH2 – It has resistance to the disease of the leaf-curl virus, and without spraying pesticides, it recorded a yield of 90.2 tons per hectare under normal conditions. Fruits are taller, medium-sized smooth round; raw fruits are picked in white green, ripe fruits are bright red, and clusters of 3 to 5. 
  • Arka Vardan – It is a high-yielding hybrid type. Large fruits with green shoulder (140 grams). Suitable for fresh market and nematode resistance. The crop is cultivated during Kharif/rabi season and matures in 160 days. The average yield is 75 tons per hectare.

Rainy season Tomato varieties 

  • EW-815 – This type of tomato is perfect for cultivation during the rainy season, showing resistance to bacterial withering and tomato yellow leaf curl disease. EW-815 can withstand adverse weather in rainy seasons, making it best for tomato cultivation in wet conditions.
  • Tomato varieties Melkasalsa and Melkshola produce the most marketable yield, although fruit breadth is the smallest. These two species are most suitable for the production of the rainy season under plastic shelter.

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Tomato Farming
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Hybrid Tomato varieties 

  • Pusa Ruby – Pusa Ruby is an early growing cultivar; this type is suitable for sowing in the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons. The average yield is 32.5 tons per hectare. 
  • Arka Abhijith – It is a high-yielding F1 hybrid tomato variety. It is designed for the fresh market. The fruit weighs about 65 to 70 grams. The average yield is 65 tonnes per hectare in 140 days. 
  • Namdhari – Namdhari is a determinate early mature hybrid variety of tomatoes in India. The fruit weighs about 80 to 90 grams with attractive and shiny red color. The sowing month is from August to October and is cultivated in almost all the states of India.  
  • Rashmi – Tomatoes are round, firm, smooth, and bright in color. Rashmi is a determinate and widely adapted hybrid type. The fruit weighs about 90 grams, and the first harvest is about 70 days from planting. 
  • Vaishali – Vaishali is a determinate hybrid variety of tomatoes that produces high-quality, medium-sized (100 grams) fruits. This cultivar thrives in hot and humid conditions. This type resists fusarium and Verticillium. 
  • Pusa Rohini – The Indian Agricultural Research Institute first introduced it in 2005. These types of fruits can stay fresh for longer. They are medium in size and have smooth skin and red color. The average yield of this type is 45 tons per hectare.
  • Rupali – This type is a determinate, compact growing, early tomato hybrid with good foliage cover. It produces medium-sized, round, smooth, and good quality Tomato fruits. This type is resistant to fusarium and Verticillium wilts. 
  • Rajni – This type grows very quickly and is of a determinate type. Fruits are round with red. This type is suitable for long-distance transportation. 

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  • Sioux – This type is suitable for growing in hills. The fruits are medium-large, round with the end of the yellow stem. Suitable for the short-distance market.
  • Best of all – This type is best for growing in hills. Fruits are borne in clusters, round and firm, with green stem ends. 
  • Marglobe – The crop matures late in the season. Fruits are big, round, smooth, and juicy with a green stem end. This type is of an indeterminate type and is suitable for growing in hills.
  • Roma – Fruits are oval with the end of the yellow and thick stem. The variety is an excellent carrier, defined with good foliage cover and suitable for processing.
  • PKM1 – Fruits are flat round with prominent green shoulders and suitable for long-distance transportation. The production is 30 to 35 tons per hectare during the 135-day crop period.
  • Arka Ahuti – Plants are semi-determinate fruits with 2 to 3 locules. The crop is cultivated during Kharif/rabi season and matures in 140 days. The average yield is 42 tons per hectare.


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