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Balcony Plants – Low Maintenance, Creepers, Evergreen for Sunny, Shade Area

Low Maintenance Balcony Plants in India

Hello gardeners, we are back with another new article. Do you want to have a low maintenance balcony plants in India? Well, today in this article, we are going to explain low maintenance balcony plants in India. We are even here to cover the following topics and the topics are listed below:

  • Introduction to low maintenance balcony plants in India
  • Some low maintenance balcony plants in India
  • Evergreen balcony plants in India
  • Best Plants for a sunny balcony in India
  • Best balcony plants are grown under shade in India
  • Best creepers for balcony garden in India
  • Hanging plants for balcony in India
  • Good luck with plants for the balcony in India

Introduction to Low Maintenance Balcony Plants in India

If you are very much interested in having your plant garden but you don’t have much time to spend with plants that means caring for them too much. Then simply you can have low maintenance balcony plants in your apartment.

A Step By Step Guide for Low Maintenance Balcony Plants in India

Low maintenance plants are very easy to maintain. They don’t require much time for caring. If you have very little time on your hands, here are some low maintenance plants that make your balcony garden look great with very little effort.

Some Low Maintenance Plants for Balcony in India

Low maintenance plants and their requirements are listed below:

  • Spider lilies

Spider lilies have beautiful lush green leaves and stunning spindly white flowers. They are a great addition to any balcony garden. Just make sure that your plant has at least 6 hours of good sunlight per day and your plant need well-drained moist soil with good composting to survive well, and then you’re very well on your way to enjoy the sight of these white beautiful flowers and their intoxicating fragrance when you spend your evenings in your balcony garden. These spider lilies are not just low maintenance plants; they are also a gorgeous sight or view to behold in full bloom.

Spider Lilly
Spider Lilly (Image Credit: Pixabay)
  • Money plant

The money plant is a perennial plant and it is a great choice to have indoors or outdoors in containers or hanging pots. Whether it is true or not, the money plant is believed to bring or have a bit of good luck, prosperity, and wealth to its owners. The money plant is one of the low maintenance plants.

  • Aloe Vera

The Aloe Vera plant requires plenty of good sunlight and very little amount of water to grow. The Aloe Vera plant has several uses, whether it may be for your health, beauty, or home decor. This plant is very well suited to grow in Indian weather and climate. Just you plant in sunlight and forget about it. It is a good low maintenance plant for your balcony garden.

  • Peace lily

The Peace Lily is not simply an aesthetically appealing plant; it can also improve the air quality in your home. It requires very little good sunlight, and it is water-resistant, so you no need to bother watering it every day. Another good thing about this plant is this plant doesn’t need to be fertilized to bloom more. It usually blooms very well in springtime and the flowers last for about two months and more.

  • Snake plant

This is a plant that you can neglect for weeks and even it looks fresh and green. The snake plant is a better plant for low maintenance. They are perfect for balcony garden as they will grow in low light levels, they don’t even have pest problems and best of all plants, and keep it keeps the air clean. You need to water it once a week or every 10 days and the plant will be perfectly happy.

Evergreen balcony plants in India

Evergreen, if any plant that retains or remains its leaves throughout the year and into the following growing season or growing year is called evergreen plants.

There are some examples of evergreen shrubs to grow in your balcony garden in India.

Some evergreen plants and their requirements are listed below:

  • Lavender

It is a well-loved hardy shrub and grown for its fragrant summer flowers and silver-green foliage. Flowering in shades of purple, or/and pink, this shrub is very versatile; from edging to hedging and borders to containers – every garden or balcony can have lavender. The flowers are highly attractive to bees and butterflies also, and lavender plants have good water tolerance, suitable well with light and sandy soils.

Lavender Plant.
Lavender plant (Pic Credit: Pixabay)
  • Aucuba

Aucuba is one of the toughest shrubs. They are popular evergreen shrubs because they are valued for their tolerance of full shade, dry soils, pollution, and salty coastal conditions, and everything.

  • Holly

They are well-known evergreen shrub, which has glossy, dark green leaves, which can be either spiny or smooth. It is best known for its classic dark green leaves and red berries in the middle and berries are well used for Christmas. It can tolerant any harsh conditions, so this shrub deserves a place in every garden or balcony garden.

Best Plants for a Sunny Balcony in India

The plants that are listed below are suitable plants for a sunny balcony. So these plants need a sunny spot or location. That means plants require sunlight and they are even low maintenance plants.

Sunny balcony plants and their requirements are listed below:

  • Marigold

In warm climates or sunny conditions, Marigold is the best plant to grow and it requires low maintenance. It is a common flowering plant and the flowers of marigold are used for decorative purposes.

  • Hyacinth

The Hyacinth plant is available in many different colours like purple, blue and white. It is a true beauty in your balcony garden. It is very attractive due to its small bulbous size. It requires partial sunlight and is a low maintenance plant.

  • Creeping Roses

No balcony garden is complete without these amazing creeping roses. They provide a vibrant landscape to your balcony. They can grow alongside your balcony or you need to provide any support for them for their growth. Rich in aesthetics, creeping roses are the very advent of modern and beautiful houses. They are also available in multiple colours and thus you can use them as per the colour requirement for your balcony. This plant requires very bright sunlight.

  • Bougainvillea

This is a hardy, immensely showy plant and it is disease and pest free. Hence, this plant is ideal to be a balcony plant. This plant usually in purple or red colour and it is usually regarded as one of the highest quality plants and a beautiful plant due to its rich content of colour.

Best Plants for Balcony with Shade in India

Almost every balcony has a bit of shade in the garden, this could be shade cast by other buildings, nearby trees, fencing, or simply the positioning of your garden but you should not see this as a big problem, there is a wide range of shrubs, and plants available that will do very well in this most overlooked area in the balcony.

Plants listed below can grow on the balcony with shade. These plants are low maintenance plants that can easily grow on the balcony.

  • Syngonium
  • Peperomia
  • Hosta

Best Creepers for Balcony Garden in India

Creeper plants grow in a different fashion that looks as if the plant is creeping on the base. These plants are different from others, they have a horizontal growth pattern, and they have a very weak stem that cannot hold the weight of the plant and stand uptight.

Many creeper plants can grow in India. Growing them in your balcony garden is a very good idea, as they will add to the aesthetic appeal of the balcony garden. These plants can be a great idea for decorating your balcony gardens. You can even hide various disgraceful corners of your balcony with the help of their bushy blooms. Here is the list of some famous creeper plants that you can grow in your balcony garden.

Some best creepers and their requirements are listed below:

  • Morning Glory

The morning glories have beautiful exotic blue, trumpet-like flowers. This is the reason people love them. It is a low maintenance plant and it doesn’t require a lot of attention or caring. You can train this plant on walls and doors by providing proper support to them.

  • Star Jasmine

This plant is famous for its refreshing fragrance and it has beautiful star-like flowers, this plant is very great to grow in your balcony garden. As it can not only enhance the beauty of your garden but also it is a very low maintenance creeper plant.

  • Curtain Creeper

This plant can create an amazing green curtain-like structure to your balcony; they have placed anywhere, you can even add this amazing kind of creeper curtain to your indoors or outdoors to give it an exotic display to outsiders.

Creeper Plant Care

  • Pruning

You need to prune your plants on time as they get bushy fast because they start taking nutrition from the other plants in your balcony garden that result in slow growth or even death of your other balcony garden plants.

  • Water

You need to water your creeper plants daily. If you don’t water them they will start shedding flowers due to lack of moisture. You need to reduce watering during the winter season.

  • Pests and Diseases

Some pests like aphids, whiteflies, black mites, and green grasshopper are very dangerous to the growth of creeper plants. So you need to use appropriate pesticides to get rid of them in the first place only.

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Hanging Plants for Balcony in India

In your balcony, you can even hang pots for growing plants. Hanging plants give a beautiful look to your balcony garden. Hanging plants require low maintenance for growing. Some hanging plants are listed below:

  • Supertunia Petunias
  • Dwarf Lavender
  • Lobelia
  • Impatiens

Good Luck with Plants for the Balcony in India

Good luck plants and their requirements are listed below:

  • Jade Plant

The Caring Jade plant is very easy and very simple. People enjoy and love to grow jade plants in their balcony, and they are even considered to be symbols of good luck. Jade plants need full sun. They can be propagated, or rooted by using stems or leaves. The height of this plant is 5 feet. You need to re-pot the plant from its original pot or container to one that can better its growth. It is best to re-pot this plant in the warm season. For proper care of the jade plant, you need to fertilize your jade plant about once every 6 months and you need to use a balanced water-soluble fertilizer. An important thing to keep in mind is that you need to water regularly. The Jade plant is also called the Japanese money plant and it is said to bring prosperity and financial success to the owner.

  • Lucky Bamboo

The lucky bamboo plant is a very great plant that is very easy to grow. This plant is rarely grown from seed for a variety of reasons and propagated from cuttings. It is considered to be symbols of good luck. The lucky bamboo plant is well known to bring a high amount of wealth, fortune, health, and peace into any space be it the home. The plant is quite low maintenance but requires some trimming or pruning from time to time. This plant has a small price to pay for the good fortune this lucky plant can bring to you. The lucky bamboo plant is attractive, popular, and easy to care also. According to the principles of feng shui and Vastu Shastra, this plant is even considered to be an auspicious plant that brings good luck.

The other so-called names for lucky bamboo are curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, Goddess of Mercy plant, and ribbon plant.

This lucky plant survives properly in moderate sunlight so you need to keep away it from direct sunlight. Direct sunlight comes as a bad effect for this plant as scorched leaves. So, set this plant at a moderate temperature. You need to use a large container, in the situation when the root part becomes too tough.

  • Money Plant
Money Plant for Balcony.
Money Plant for Balcony (Pic source: Pixabay)

Money plants can be propagated easily and can be grown from stem cuttings in water easily. You can grow money plant in a container or soil then if you can take proper money plant care.

Money plants are also well known as evergreen climbers that can grow up to 20 m high and don’t require extensive care. They are very easy to grow, in both soil and water-filled bottles, or any container.

Money plants need bright, indirect light and moderate-to-high humidity. Direct sunlight can lead to leaf-scorching of the money plant, but the money plants can grow relatively very well in low light.

Overwatering and too much sunlight can cause problems in money plants; they can suffer from some pests they are scale insects, mealy bugs, and aphids.

As the name itself suggests, the money plant gives economic success to your life. The money plant has a well-braided stem and well-rounded leaves that can form a beautiful canopy. The money tree needs moist soil to survive well, so it needs to be watered regularly. And, you need to keep the money plant in medium sunlight or partially shaded places.

  • Snake plant

The snake plant can survive in either bright light or almost dark corners of the house. It is a simple container plant; this plant is very excellent in a grouping and will grow equally on the floor or the table top displays. These plants are water-resistant. Snake plants prefer bright, indirect light and they can even tolerate some direct sunlight also.

You can grow a snake plant from cuttings and it is very easy. The main important thing to remember is that they can even easily rot, so you need to use free-draining soil. The usually used method is the leaf cuttings method but probably the easiest method to propagate snake plants is by dividing. The snake plant doesn’t need more amount of fertilizer but it will grow a little more if it is fertilized a couple of times in the spring and summer.


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