14 Best Compost Bins for Home in India: For Indoor, Outdoor, and Kitchen Garden

Compost contains many nutrients. It is used in gardens, landscaping, horticulture, and agriculture. Compost benefits the soil in many ways, including soil conditioners, fertilizers, and adding vital humus or humic acid. You can use it as a natural pesticide for the soil. The compost bin converts biodegradable waste into organic manure. Compost is the organic material produced when bacteria in the soil break down garbage and biodegradable trash, resulting in mineral-rich products that are ideal garden nutrients. 

14 Best Compost Bins for Home in India
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Adding nutrient-rich humus to your lawn or garden that fuels plant growth and restores energy to depleted soil is easy. Home-based compost is one of the basic components of sustainable living. Converting kitchen waste into organic manure that helps in excellent production is an easy process but also requires a little bit of knowledge. For gardeners, those who are just starting or need a little push, ready-made compost kits are available online.  

14 best compost bins for home in India

Choosing the right compost bin

  • Type – The compost bin you choose will be determined by your available space. People living in apartments need to live with a small, bucket-style compost bin, while the backyard allows for large-capacity tumbling bins for ultimate performance. 
  • Material – Most compost bins are made of durable plastic materials and are resistant to fading and weather degradation.  
  • Capacity – Small households will likely be fine with 5 gallons or less capacity. A low-capacity compost bin can’t produce enough compost to sustain if your home is filled with houseplants. 
  • Features – The most important aspect of the compost bin is its ventilation. Air is needed to properly break down compost and stay healthy, which helps to keep odors low and avoid pests. A well-designed compost bin will have thoughtful vents and large openings to make it easier to turn new scraps into your compost.

Types of compost bins

Several types of compost bins are used as tumbling composters or holding units. Homemade tumblers provide finished compost with well-maintained materials faster than bins. But both bins and Tumblers are good choices for recycling organic waste. Different compost bins are available for different uses, but their layout shows their performance.  

Plastic stationery compost bins

Use this compost bin to perform regular composting; the bin includes holes or air vents on the selected parts. These holes offer proper ventilation, and some have doors or slides so they can be easily accessed by hand. Provides an opportunity to mix the contents manually. 

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Garden Compost Bin
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Rotating or tumbling compost bins

This bin is beneficial because it produces compost as soon as five weeks. Just rotate or roll it instead of manually mixing. But you must wait for the first round of compost to complete before filling in with another new batch.


The base of this bin is dug into the ground, which allows various worms to digest the compost material. Most beneficial for those who wish to clean kitchen waste hassle-free and improve the surrounding soil. It can catch all types of food waste, including cooked food, and avoid the risk of carbon footprint. 

Wooden compost bins

You can easily build this type of compost bin, and it comes in the appropriate size. Ideal for composting large amounts of material. Easy to carry around in the garden. 

Benefits of compost bins

Compost bins provide tremendous benefits for living a sustainable life and are not limited to your backyard alone. In addition to offering good compost for your lawn, it is the best option to reduce the amount of garbage. This is a necessary step to be taken by homeowners and gardeners as it will lead to a bright and greener future.    

Improves the soil

Most people do not start with good soil, so fluffy organic compost bins are necessary to make the soil good. The compost designed inside these bins will increase the soil’s fertility, composition, and water-holding capacity. Because of this activity, your soil will become ideal for growing plants. The best thing you can use to improve soil fertility, in general, is a compost spreader.

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Compost Bin
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Supply of balanced plant nutrients

The soil needs nutrient restoration to maintain its productivity and richness, but it will take a few months. It will balance the nutrients of the plants like what your plants need. In addition, composting microorganisms will also help to absorb nutrients from the compost properly.

Beneficial organism stimulation

Compost comes with all kinds of soil microorganisms that easily convert soil nutrients into your plants; compost materials such as vitamins, enzymes, and microorganisms prevent any damage to your plant. At the same time, some organisms and earthworms dig through the soil so that water and air reach the roots of the plants.

Reduces soil erosion

Compost is a very beneficial substance for plant growth and maintains the growth of plants and trees. In addition, it protects against soil erosion near water, on roadsides, on hills, and in playing fields. These bins help reduce pollution by keeping landfills free of various organic matter.

Composting bins available in India

Trust bin by Trust Basket

Trust Basket provides high-quality horticulture products in India, and this home composting bin is no less. These compost bins work on the Bokashi method, which is the anaerobic composting method. The compost bin needs to keep the air tight to perform this process, so there is no fear of smell and bugs. You can easily fill your organic waste, add compost-making powder (added with it) and close the lid. So, if you were worried about the smell when composting in your apartment balcony or neighbors in general. It is a perfect product for you. 

Daily dump gobble junior

It’s special from the homemade composter Daily Dump and comes with three buckets. These three buckets need to be placed on top of each other. None has a hole at the bottom and should always be placed last. And the other two need to be replaced whenever one of them is filled.

You must add organic waste inside the bucket placed on top and shake the waste every two days. This compost bin works on aerobic methods. So that there is a proper flow of oxygen, the compost breaks down easily. It comes with compost maker powder, so be sure to sprinkle this powder over it whenever you add biodegradable waste. Comes with a step-by-step user manual. 

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Compost Toilet
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Smart bin air

GreenTech Life’s Smart bin air/Compost Bins convert your food waste into healthy and fertile soil. This kit includes 2 Smart Bin Air (20L) bins, two strainers, two stands, two taps, 3 kg bio bloom air, two packets of camphor tablets, one pair of rubber gloves, and 4 stage curing bags. However, unlike the above 2, smart bin air works on aerobic composting and thus airflow. Therefore, when kept indoors, it can result in a foul smell.

Biocare India compost bins

Works on aerobic methods, so you must shake the mixture from time to time for better results. It comes with two compost buckets of 35 liters, which is more than enough for most families out there. 2 waste composters, two odor removers, two activators, and two coco peat. One reusable glove and hand stirrer to mix waste easily. Its composter powder converts kitchen waste into compost in 30 days. It also comes with an odor remover, so you sprinkle it if you start smelling. Best of all, it has a manual on its bucket on what kinds of things you can and can’t add to it.  

Bio Drops bucket

This composting bin is made with unbreakable plastic and is one of the most durable on the list. These compost bins work on the Bokashi method, so you won’t have to worry about pungent smells, worms, or anything like that. This homemade composter bin has a capacity of 30 liters.  Because of its beautiful look, it is perfect for composting in apartment balconies in India. It has a detailed instruction manual, so there won’t be any problems using it. 

Organic waste composting bin

A basic bin attached to a drainer and tap can store 30 liters of compost. This compost bin is made of polypropylene material, and a block of cocopeat with the set is also available. About 90% of the bin can be filled with kitchen waste and will be ready within 30 days after filling the compost.  

Green Gardenia composting bin

Ideal for converting food waste into beneficial manure and making full use of it. Designed from polypropylene is easy to lift and design. This type of compost bin for the home works on aerobic processes. These bins can be used as row composters in outdoor spaces and homes.

Small terracotta home composter

Each terracotta composter is hand-crafted by Indian potters. A set of 3-tier small terracotta home composters is ideal for a family of 1 to 3 that produces up to 500 grams per day of organic waste. It converts kitchen and organic waste into compost in 4 to 6 weeks. The good thing about this product is that it has no plastic or any toxic element. The package includes three terracotta pots, one terracotta lid, and composting book.

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Green Waste Composting
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Home composter set

This 35-liter composter set of two bins easily replaces five-member or more home kitchen waste. It also includes a pair of reusable gloves and a stir to make the process less messy. In addition, odor removal contains liquid that scientifically reduces odors and speeds up the composting process. To improve compost quality, an activator is provided that has to be added once the compost is ready.  

Portable twin drum composter

Twin drums help with maximum storage. In addition, UV-resistant and thermo-controlled polyethylene drums occupy less space. Kitchen waste can be added to dry leaves or any items with the required amount of coco peat and the presence of citric acid. It takes two to four weeks to convert the kitchen waste into compost. 

The best rolling compost bin

Rolling composters, such as vertical Tumbler bins, are large plastic balls with tightly fitted lids. The bin sits on a stand, making it easy to give it a roll or two each day, thus keeping the compost ventilated and circulating for rapid decomposition. The great thing about rolling compost bins is that when your compost is fully cooked, you roll the composter where you want the compost, open it, and dump or shovel the material around your plants. There is no need for a bucket or wheelbarrow to transport compost.

The best worm bin composter

Like all composters, what goes in should come out, which makes worm composting, also called vermicomposting, so effective. Worms eat up your food scraps, digest them, and then extract extremely rich, fertile compost filled with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and many micronutrients. The process of worms also keeps the compost aerated and tumbled, so there is no need to do it independently. 

Home terracotta composter

The product is ideal for those who do not compromise on sustainability. The kit consists of a terracotta container with a lid, a compost maker, microbes, a metal rake, and nitrile gloves. Up to 1.5 kg of waste can be stored in this process and converted into compost within 30 days. 

The best basic closed compost bin

The most basic type of closed composter, a soil-saver classic compost bin, is mainly a bin made of black plastic to maintain heat and regulate moisture for fast composting. The open bottom allows worms, moisture, and microorganisms to freely enter the bin to work your composting magic on your food scraps, yard waste, and other organic trash.

The lid closes so you can easily toss in scraps, and lock it in place when closed so hungry critters can’t raid the bin. Many vents allow oxygen to reach the bin’s contents. While it’s not necessary that you mix dissolved compost from time to time, it will greatly speed up the process. 

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Kitchen Waste Composting
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Composting is a natural process to reduce waste and help crops and plants grow. It can benefit the soil by increasing nutrient content. Composting can also help people use fewer chemical pesticides and fertilizers, positively affecting health. Compost bins are an important way to save the environment as they will give you benefits and humus-rich soil.

Encourage others also to use compost bins and prevent an increase in pollution. It is the responsibility of citizens to maintain the environment and make it more aesthetic. You can make compost bins at home or buy from online or offline markets. Just think about it and start to pursue it to reduce kitchen waste.


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