Top 20 Online Plant Nurseries in India: Best and List

A home garden or indoor plant can bring a lot of positivity to your living space, but you have to choose the right plant. To live a beautiful life, you have to adopt 5 new trees as only then can you return the oxygen you are using and only ensure a clean environment within your closest surroundings. No one wants to spend hours picking the right vegetation in a local nursery. Fortunately, you can now order plants from online plant nurseries in India.

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Buying plants online leads to rest, endless type, affordance, and doorstep delivery. Buying plants can be a time-taking process and to make it easier, you can try to buy them from the internet. Your plants should reach safely packaged in containers. They will either be in the pot, the soil will be wrapped, or what is called the bare root, which means your plant is not in a pot or much soil. Bare root plants are planted as soon as possible.

How to buy plants online in India?

Always find authorized websites with good ratings and reviews. Also, don’t forget to check the refund policy, misshapen products, or late delivery. Whether you buy indoor or outdoor plants, choose according to your climate. Research on the light and water needs of a particular plant. Plants are fragile and need extra care. Check company return policies, additional shipping charges, customer support, and packaging procedures.

What to do after buying plants online?

Check that the leaves are not yellow, brown, yellow. Also, examine whether it is not bent or withered, as these are obvious signs of an unhealthy plant. Check any brown spots or splats on leaves, this can be a sign of disease. Once you unbox the plant, avoid keeping it directly in sunlight, it can shock the plant as it was packed in a dark box for a few days.

Keep it in a dappled light for a couple of days, and then slowly give it a climate with its ideal sunlight conditions. Do not rush the plant to make pot again. Give it a week or two to adapt to your new environment. Avoid watering the plant immediately after it reaches your home. Start watering it deeply and well after 1 to 2 days without spilling on the leaves.

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Top 20 Online Plant Nurseries in India

Flower Aura

Flower Aura started as an online flower delivery service and expanded to include the provision of indoor and outdoor plants on your doorstep. If you are planning to gift plants to someone for their special occasion and are confused about which one to choose, just turn to Flower Aura. You can browse plants according to the occasion anniversary, birthday, best sellers, and more. It is one of the best online nurseries in India that buy succulents, lucky plants, and indoor easy-to-grow greens.  


Buy online indoor and outdoor plants at the amazon India store and enhance your home’s overall decor in a green and fresh way. From small juicy to Bonsai, Bamboo, Cacti& Succulents, Flowers, Ferns, Orchids, Medicinal plants, Plants, decorative and shade trees, Roses, buy from a great selection of plants.


Setgreen is an attempt to help people love and care for plants, get closer to nature and grow greenery. You can choose seeds, flowers, indoor and outdoor plants, trees in favor of gardening equipment. The setgreen also provides landscape services at reasonable prices such as green lawn development, balcony development. Setgreen guarantees you a safe shopping experience at an online store.

Plants offers a wide variety of plants according to different needs, from herbs for your kitchen window sill to Bamboo plants and Jade Bonsai. Their collection is organized depending on size, level of care, and preference for light, making it so easy to find your new favorite plant. Also, they ship in just two days.

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Established in Pune, 2014. NurseryLive is an internet marketplace with plants, seeds, fertilizers, bulbs, pebbles, utensils, planters, and more. Nursery Live is now India’s largest online nursery. The nursery sells 5,000 stock-caping units of live plants, seeds, and garden accessories, all accessible in one place.


The PlantsGuru has excelled in online nursery services of both indoor and outdoor plants and trees. The biggest strength of PlantsGuru is its fair price or affordability. PlantsGuru will certainly not disappoint you while offering a variety of indoor plants at affordable prices. From basic, regular people to foreign people, you’ll find them all here. 


Ugaoo is a great option for those who want to do gardening for the first time this new year. Ugaoo has a well-developed range of low maintenance of exotic plants, interior, and outdoor plants, small for tall and large plants, with some great pots and planters that complement the greens beautifully. Ugaoo has 1,600 varieties of merchandise from seeds, pots, gardening equipment to meet the growing market aspirations. 


From air-cleansing plants to lucky plants, from outdoor plants to Terrariums, Peace Lily, Lucky Bamboo, Ginseng, Jade plant, Snake plant, Cactus plant to Bonsai, you’ll be thrilled to find a wonderful array of plants available on this website. FNP services are available at more than 400 locations across India and thus you can send plants anywhere like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Gurgaon, Jaipur, etc.

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Joginder Nursery

Joginder Nursery has developed itself as a landscape architecture and design firm. It also delivers plants online. Here a wide collection of different varieties of vegetables producing greenery and fruits can be found. Joginder Nursery has tied up with many high-end corporate houses. Along with corporate tie-ups, they are spreading the wings in the consumer segment. 


Prepare your garden with a wide variety of seeds and bulbs that Shopclues has hand-picked for you. Here, you can shop for attractive pots and planters to add this beautiful look to your garden. This online plant nursery sells various types of plants, such as nursing Home and Golden Money plants and Hybrid Money plants like Golden Pothos, Lucky Bamboo plant, Ajwain Green Leaf plant, and Jade plant.


Mybageecha is one of the online websites that offer some unique varieties of plants. You can check their herbs parts or their cactus section. They also have some attractive plant accessories and terrarium kits that you want to check out. They were quite cheap.

Chhajed Garden or Sanjay Nursery

These two are the same. Chhajed Garden is an online shop of Sanjay Nursery, which has been in gardening for more than thirty years now. Sanjay Nursery, Pune is one of the largest nurseries in India.

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Plants N Trees

Plant N Trees online plant nursery has a vast collection of indoor, backyard, roof, and avenue plants including Exotic Bonsai, Bamboo, Cacti and Succulents, Ferns, Orchids, Fruit plants, Medicinal plants, Evergreen plants, Water plants, Air purifier plants, Decorative and Shade trees, Roses, Vines, Herbs, Spices, Shrubs, Creepers and Climbers, a variety of Grass and Ferns are combined at reasonable prices.


Theplantstore started its operation in 2020 and in just one year they have expanded its product portfolio to more than 2000+ plants including Flowering plants, Fruit plants, Aromatic and Medicinal Plants, Aquatic plants, and more.

Green Decor

This website offers quality plants at reasonable prices, Green Decor has a variety of plants to offer. However, they usually take more than a week to deliver. From Herbs to Climbers and Bonsai, they have a wide range to offer. Also, they have special gifting plants for Diwali, offering the best options.


Paudhashala is one of the best online nurseries in India to buy forestry and medicinal plants. Due to its location, the nursery can grow some exotic species like the Acacia Mangium plant, Bombax Ceiba Semal plant, and Bonsai Banyan Tree.

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On this website, you can purchase outdoor plants for terrace or backyard gardens. From decorative and shadow trees to fruit plants and Orchids they offer them all at reasonable prices. If you are high in indoor plants, this online nursery has a foreign collection of spices, shrubs, Bonsai, Ferns, and several varieties of grass.

Green My Life

Green My Life is a Bangalore-based gardening special firm. They have given a different perspective and taste to gardening and landscaping services and products. They can deliver plants and other items across the country. 

Nurturing Green

Nurturing Green started its operations in the year 2009 and launched the concept of green gifting. In addition to green gifts, it also focuses on landscaping and green decorations. 

Nafees Nursery

The Nafees nursery has produced a sugar-free sweet mango, that too on a similar plant. Diabetics should be grateful for the sophisticated work they do. They also export live plants to other countries. Of course, it is one of the favorite online places to buy Indian vegetation, seeds, fruits, and trees. 


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