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Summer Gardening Ideas, Tips, Techniques in India

Summer Gardening Ideas, Tips in India

Today, we discuss the topic of summer gardening ideas, tips, and techniques. Whenever we think of summers, the things which get into our minds are mangoes, soft drinks, and ice-cream and at the same time, we suffer because of sweat due to which we feel the need of A/C. We, human beings will arrange something or the other to save ourselves from the heat by choosing the fresh summer foods and cooling hacks. But our gardens will mostly end up by taking the harsh sunlight and the temperatures which will keep on increasing. Excess heat will create pressure on the garden plants, especially to the varieties which are raised in the home garden and will make the plants get dried up and wither. In this article, we will be helping you know how to take care of your plants in the summer season. Below are a few simple ways on how to protect your plants from summer heat to make sure that the summer does not leave your garden plants dry. One must be aware of summer gardening ideas if they are venturing into gardening.

Growing Flowers in Summer.
Growing Flowers in Summer.
  • Watermelons are the best choice to grow in summer. These plants are mainly seasonal. Few plants will grow their best in winter whereas the others will survive in summers. With perfect manure and hydration, cucumbers, chillies, brinjals, and watermelon will be the best plants for the summer season and these can also be grown in pots.
  • You can also buy shade cloth for your garden plants in order to save them from the heat of summer. These cloths are very easily found in the horticultural stores and also you can buy them online. The thickness of the fabric may change. You will need to select the fabric as per the type of plants in your garden. Installation of shade cloth can be done all across the trees or partially on the plant sides.
  • Watering your plants in summer season is a very essential part. Always prefer to water your garden plants early in the morning or early in the evening. The water which you use in these hours will be cool when compared to afternoons. The perfect time to water your plants will be before 9 AM and after 5:00 PM.

    Watering Plants in Summer.
    Watering Plants in Summer.

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  • Always make sure that you are watering your plants in small amounts. The watering tools such as buckets, mugs, water sprinklers will be efficient for watering your plants. Make sure that you avoiding the usage of water hose for mugs and sprinklers. Along with summer, we will get a period of dry weather which will, in turn, lead to an increase in the water scarcity. It is very much essential to make use of most of the means of watering plants which are economical.
  • The plants in your garden will act as your friends sometimes. The plants which are sturdy and big will be of help most of the times by providing shade for the plants which are small and are very much delicate or sensitive. You will need to take into consideration a buddy system for your garden and then you will need to start planning the arrangement of your gardening trees with this strategy in your mind.
  • Make sure that you are regularly monitoring the moisture in the garden soil. There is a chance that you may water your plants too much. Before you start using the sprinkler for watering your plants, do remember to check if the garden soil is moist under the ground surface. It is very much essential to just wait until the soil gets somewhat dry or you can just sprinkle the water on the branches or leaves rather than the soil.
  • Prevention of water from getting stagnated is very important. This should be done irrespective of the water on the soil, trays or pots. The water which is standing will lead to an infestation of mosquitoes which will, in turn, lead to the overdose of H2O in your plants.
  • The plants which give rise to flowers are the ones which will be of great help in adding some beautiful colors to your garden in summer. Bougainvillaeas, Roses, and Marigold are few of the flowers which will keep your garden lively even in the harsh heat.
  • Though most of the garden plants have lost benefits because of sunlight, the heat which is rising in the urban areas will cause more harm than benefits to the garden plants. If the plants in your garden are potted, you will need to move them to a spot in which there is a balance of shade and light.
  • Along with watering, composting is the other important thing which will help you to keep your garden plants, mainly the ones which are flowering and fruit-bearing healthy and also hydrated. The compost can be prepared easily at home or you can also prefer to buy organic compost from the garden community groups.
  • The plants which are grown in indoor locations will not need much amount of sunlight. Though they do not thrive for excess sunlight, it is always better to place them next to a window which allows some amount of sunlight so that they can survive in a healthy way.
  • Apart from watering and compost, the other thing which is mandatory during the months of summer is mulch which is generally used in the description of the material which is spread on the surface of the soil in order to keep it cool. This will help in the prevention of weeds and also helps in hydration. Mulch will consist of the bark of the tree, newspaper, compost, grass bits, leaves which are shredded and sawdust. You will need to turn the mulch for every few days and always make sure that you are not forgetting to replace it when the decomposition of mulch takes place.
  • Unluckily, you cannot take leniency when in the gardening at the time of summer. The plants will definitely require hydration and the lawns which are big will drain your home because of the excess amount of water. You will be required to reduce watering and also trimming at the time of these months.
  • Trimming will do the best by creating a very good impact on your garden plants. You will need to cut the branches which are dried, twigs and also flowers from your garden plants for one time in a week.
  • If you are a beginner in gardening or you still do not have a garden ready yet, you can start gardening by planting on the rooftop of your house. The soil will help in cooling your home in a natural way and making use of plastic sheets as a base will be of great help in the prevention of seepage. Gardening in India for beginners is not that easy because of the tropical climates. You will need to gain some sort of experience and study about the gardening by making use of most of the sources like articles about gardening or by visiting any neighbor or friend who already has a garden. The rooftop garden cost in India will vary according to the design you have chosen for your garden but mostly it would be Rs. 150 per square feet.

That’s all folks about summer gardening ideas and tips.

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