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Organic Gardening Benefits, Tips, Ideas Guide

Organic Gardening Benefits:

Well, we discuss the topic of organic gardening benefits. Organic gardening is the way of gardening which is done by using all the natural resources. The main motto of organic gardening is to not use any sort of synthetic chemicals and fertilizers. Organic gardening strives to maintain harmony with nature by using all sorts of products which are eco-friendly. By inculcating organic gardening at home, you can produce your own food and make sure that your family is living a healthy life. So, we have excellent organic gardening benefits, don’t wait let us grow organically.

Organic gardening benefits:

Decreases the number of pesticides consumed by your family:

Organic gardening will mainly concentrate on the use of the products which are obtained naturally. This will not include any type of pesticides in it. Hence, the crops which are obtained from organic gardening are completely free of chemicals and pesticides. You can lead a healthy life without any sort of worries about chemicals in food.

Organic gardening will offer you with good health as the crops will be free of any sort of ingredients which are toxic and any other synthetic chemicals. The vegetables and fruits which are obtained from organic gardening will not have any residues of chemicals when consumed. The vegetables which come from organic gardening will consist of higher contents of minerals and nutrients when compared to the ones which are using pesticides, chemical fertilizers and herbicides.

Organic Water Melon.
Organic Water Melon.

Urban organic gardening has been increasing because of the pollution which is occurring across the cities. The people living in urban areas have realized the importance of organic gardening as their health is kept at stake due to the content of chemicals in food which they are consuming. People who want to start organic gardening can go through the books which provide organic gardening information.

Moreover, experts in medicine say that there are high concentrations of vitamin C and vitamin D in the food products which are obtained in an organic way. Organic gardening will add an extra benefit of body exercise mainly from manual work which will include plantation, weed removal and harvest. Hence, organic gardening is a meaningful way to enhance physical exercise. The outdoor environment will offer you a connection with nature, air which acts as a stress reliever. 

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Conservation of environment:

Usage of chemicals on the crops is the main reason behind the polluted environment. The chemicals which are being sprayed on the crops move across the soil into the water. This will cause a risk to the beneficial microorganisms present in the soil. When applying the chemicals to crops, the wind will carry the chemicals into the environment which will, in turn, cause air pollution. Hence, following organic gardening is one of the best ways to maintain an environment which is healthy.

Selection of organic gardening will help in the preservation of the environment. Growth of fruits and vegetables naturally will make sure that the product is healthy and also helps in the promotion of toxic-free and friendly environment. Organic gardening will surely preserve a green environment by ensuring that there is the maintenance of ecological balance and minimizes the disturbances in nature.

Organic gardening also makes sure that the birds, beneficial insects, animals are completely free from harm caused by chemicals in the environment. Organic matter which is used to make the soil will help in the improvement of quality of the soil. Hence, organic gardening will offer the best outcome for maintaining very good environmental health. Organic gardening puts an end to fertilizers and pesticides which will enter into the ground and find a way to enter supply of water.

Decrease emission of greenhouse gases:

Crops which consist of chemicals will release them into the environment in the form of greenhouse gases. These greenhouse gases, when combined with the other forms of impurities in the air, are considered to be a risk to the air which we breathe in. Moreover, these greenhouse gases are the main contribution to the problem of global warming.

Enhances food taste:

The vegetables and fruits which are produced through organic gardening have the taste much better because of their grown which occurs naturally than the ones which are grown in a commercial way by making use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The commercially grown vegetables and fruits will not have the natural flavors which are present in the ones which are grown in an organic way.

Saves money :

Organic gardening is the best way to save money. Saving the money is something which each and every individual want to do in their life but it can be done by realizing that this can be done by taking small initiatives like organic gardening. By the means of organic gardening, you can save up to 50% of the money which is used to but fruits and vegetables at markets.

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Organic gardening tips:

Organic Composting.
Organic Composting.
  • If you are not able to use the compost which is finished for some time, make sure that you are covering the pile by making use of a tarp in order to avoid the nutrients to leave the compost.
  • Companion planting is the best way for the improvement of your organic garden. Few plants will restore the nutrients which are lost by another plant and few combinations will help in keeping the pests away.
  • Make sure that you are drying your herbs at the end of summer by simply tying the sprigs together for the formation of bunches. You need to tie them together by using a rubber band and hang them with their tips down in a place which is dry and out of the sun. The bunches you prepare should be small to make sure that the circulation is happening in an even manner. You can store the dry in canning jars with labels. You can store them as a whole or you can even crumble them. Freezing can also be preferred for the preservation of herbs.
  • Watering should be done in the morning so fungal diseases like powdery mildew and others which are mostly spread when the temperature is highly humid can be avoided.
  • If the growing season is long, then the requirement of compost will also be high in the soil. The soil will also require a number of nutrients and organic matter.
  • Make sure that you are attracting ladybugs into your organic garden by planting the plants which produce nectar such as parsley, fennel, and dill.
  • Coffee grounds are the ones which produce excellent mulch around the plants which love acid.
  • The plants which have thin leaves will require more amount of water in order to survive. The plants which have thick leaves will require less water.
  • Preparation of compost tea can be done by combining equal amounts of compost and water and allow it to sit. This liquid has to be poured directly onto the soil around the growing plants which are healthy. This compost tea has to be diluted to four parts of water to one part of compost when using for the seedlings which are small. Any compost which is not used in any sort of solution can be kept in use in order to make more amount of tea or can be used in your garden.
  • New beds will need a large amount of compost, soil amendments, and double diggings to give an extra boost.
  • The dirt must be cleared from lettuce and leaves of cabbage while they are growing by spreading a 2-inch layer of mulch which is not treated with fertilizers around each plant. This will reduce the weeds from growing.
  • Make sure that you are not using railroad ties in any part of your organic garden. The chemicals which are used as preservatives are now considered to be harmful and also toxic.
  • Jugs used for milk, soda bottles, and few other plastic containers will act as mini covers to cover your plants and also act as a protection from the frost.
  • There are 98% of beneficial insects in the world. Only 2% of insects are harmful.
  • Plucking off flowers very often will encourage most of the annual plants to flower in an abundant way.
  • When you are watering the plants in your organic garden, remember to water them deeply and also perfectly. Watering which is done more often and in a shallow way will train the plants in your garden to keep their roots close to the ground surface which makes them less hardy which will, in turn, make them suffer when there is a shortage of water.
  • Crop rotation should be done every year to decrease the problems caused by pests and diseases as well as the ones which are caused by excess or deficient nutrition.
  • Management of pests starts with the soil which is healthy. It will produce plants which are healthy and are better in withstanding diseases and damage caused by insects.
  • Botanical insecticides are the ones which are derived from plants. These can be more toxic than some of the synthetic chemicals. But they are somewhat better in the long run as they will quickly break down and will not accumulate in the food chain as the synthetic chemicals do.
  • As soon as the sprouting of seed takes place, it should be watered. If the sprout dries, it will eventually die. If the seeds are covered with soil slightly, then they should be sprinkled with water in a gentle manner for once or twice a day in order to maintain moisture in them.
  • Earthworms are the insects which are very much beneficial to the plants as well as soil. They will increase air space by leaving behind the castings of the worm. It would be always suggestible to do everything for the encouragement of earthworms in your organic garden.
  • The soil in the garden which is mulched in a good manner and is amended in a periodic way will need only an inch layer of the compost on a yearly basis just to maintain the quality.
  • To control pests in an organic way, you can build your own soil to encourage beneficial microorganisms and earthworms. Healthy soil will indicate the plants which are healthy. Healthy plants are the ones which would be able to resist the pests and diseases, by decreasing the need for using harmful pesticides.

That’s all for now about Organic Gardening Benefits.

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