Indoor Moss Gardening Benefits, Ideas

Indoor Moss Gardening Benefits and Ideas

Today, we talk about indoor moss gardening ideas and advantages. Moss has nature which is unique and also unusual. This is unusual because it will not develop an original root system. Rather than this, moss will produce spores which will develop a root-like structure. This structure which looks like a root will grow into the ground and gets attached to the surface. This particular characteristic of moss will make it a plant which is attractive and suitable for the creation of an indoor moss garden. If you want to create an indoor moss garden, you will need a few basic supplies and little efforts to grow indoor moss garden. You can have an indoor moss garden kit to perform the actions required. In this article, we will discuss a set of instructions which will help you in the creation of indoor moss garden.

  • In the first place, you will be required to grow moss in a container which is suitable. You can make use of container jars which are transparent or you can also just indoor moss garden terrarium jars which are suitable. Moss will be grown easily in vessels such as plastic aquariums, bottles and glass vases. Moss will like humidity for survival so that it will look for a climate which has moisture and warmth.
  • As a next step, you will need to search for the moss which can be grown in an indoor location. You might have few mosses which are grown in the backyard. To get assistance, you can find your moss in the areas which are shaded and in the areas where there is damp soil. You can also find some sort of moss which is been growing in one of your neighbor’s house so that you can take a few cuttings from here.
  • Mosses will grow in any type of soil composition, The soil which has a high content of sand which will prevent the surface from being stable.
  • If you are growing forest mosses in your indoor garden, then do not place garden soil as a base. These species of moss will like a combination of coco peat and garden soil that too in a ratio 3:1
  • Harvesting the moss which is grown outdoors should be done in a careful manner by making use of a shovel. When you are taking a patch of moss, ensure that you are collecting 1 inch of the growing medium with the patch. It is important for the safety of the root system of moss. For the transportation of moss to your house, you will need to place the cut patch in a plate which is made of plastic.
  • Your container should be filled with one-quarter of moss along with stones and gravel. Fill half of your container with soil. As most will like to grow in acidic conditions, you can add a light layer of peat moss on the soil’s top layer. After making a soil layer, do not compress it as moss will like a soil which is loose and not compact. Place a moss patch on the soil layer and then press this down ensuring that it is sitting properly on the soil’s top layer.
  • Place the moss garden in the location of your house which is half shaded and is not in direct sunlight. Mist the moss garden on a regular basis by making use of a spraying bottle with water at room temperature. The moss should be left damp but it should not be saturated with water as too much of water will cause rotting in the moss. Make sure that you are checking your moss garden on a regular basis to get an idea if it has to be misted.

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Benefits of moss gardening:

  • Many people won’t see moss gardening as a method for the improvement of air quality of the indoor locations. In reality, moss garden is the one which has no many advantages. It is very easy to install a moss garden indoors like home, office with any type of decor. These days in home decor, people are using a vertical green wall and below are the benefits of having an indoor moss garden.
  • Moss gardens have the capability to improve the air quality in indoors by a process which is called as biofiltration. Pollutants of air will be absorbed by moss and can be converted into water and carbon dioxide. There are then released in the form of clean and pure air. Most of the people forget to clean their HVAC system in a sufficient way. So it is always advised to have moss plants so that it will help them by cleaning the air.
  • A vertical wall of moss will act as a layer of insulation for any indoor location like home, office, etc. The most will generally absorb the heat or cold so that it will enter the building/ This will make sure that your energy bills are low since you will not use much energy to heat or cool your home or office.
  • If you are searching for a way of gardening which involves less work, then you can go with moss gardening. Moss will need less sunlight and should be always kept moist with occasional misting by using water. The water bill will not raise and there is no need to trim the moss regularly as it will grow very slowly.
  • A green wall of moss which is very aesthetically pleasing. A moss garden helps in the creation of a peaceful atmosphere as there are only very few colors and shapes to it.
  • An indoor moss garden will add some sort of life to your indoor location. Your moss garden will be alive and will strive to clean your air, provides insulation to your indoor location along with aesthetic benefits.

That’s all folks about “Indoor Moss Gardening Ideas”.

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