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How to Identify Organic Food in India

How to Identify Organic Food:

Today, let us learn the topic of “How to Identify Organic Food”. In the recent past, many people are looking towards organic food like Organic Fruits, Organic Vegetables, Organic Rice and Organic cereals and Pulses and likewise. Taking the demand into interest, many entrepreneurs are establishing Organic Shops which is giving huge income returns. Organic foods also have a huge export value which has the capability to earn high-income returns in the field of agriculture. Nowadays, almost all types of foods are available in organic form. Organic foods are mostly sold in good packaged containers and covers. However, there also exists some fake organic products that are sold with fake labels and fake organic brands that lead to a loss for the customer and good returns for the Fake organic brands.

Most of the people have doubts like fake organic products in India, is Organic food really organic, organic food tester, fake organic products and so on. In this post, we will let you know How to identify organic vegetables, how to identify organic fruits, how to identify organic rice, how to identify organic cereals, how to identify organic pulses and likewise. It is now a day easy to identify genuine organic foods in India as the government is taking strict and proper measures to control fake organic products marketing. Even though, let us first know about the advantages of having organic food.

Advantages of Organic Food:

Organic Nuts.
Organic Nuts.
  • Organic foods are healthy and they are delicious also.
  • They are free from harmful chemicals that are highly dangerous to our health.
  • Organic foods are free from synthetic pesticides like chemical fungicides and chemical insecticides.
  • Organic fruits and Organic vegetables are free from minute quantities of chemical residues that are harmful and even carcinogenic to our human health.
  • Organic cereals and Organic pulses demand are also increasing in the present past.
  • Many people in the urban and town areas are preferring Organic food.
  • In addition, Organic fruits and Organic Vegetables have a longer shelf life than regularly grown foods as they are mostly grown naturally in farmer fields or entrepreneurs field.
  • Establishing Organic shops and organic businesses also lead to creating huge employment opportunities to youth which is a major problem to the youth nowadays.
  • Furthermore, Farmers growing organic foods known as Organic Farmers are earning huge incomes as the Organic foods are sold at a high cost with huge demand for Organic fruits and Organic Vegetables.

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Demand for Organic products:

The demand for organic products in India is increasing rapidly. The huge demand or huge margins are gained from exporting organic foods. Countries like Venezuela and Germany import Organic Foods from India and further export those foods to China and American countries which may again gain huge margins as the demand for organic foods in such countries is very high than over here.

Fake Organic Foods:

  • Fake Organic foods are most commonly seen in the markets even in authorized markets also.
  • They can be easily identified by their physical appearance.
  • Fake Organic fruits and Vegetables taste very delicious than the foods that are normally grown.
  • They may not be packed in good or quality packing materials. Sometimes, fake organic foods are also packed in good packages but difficult to identify by seeing the package.
  • Fake organic foods have less shelf life compared to real organic foods.

How to Identify Organic Foods:

Organic Cherries.
Organic Cherries.

A simple and easy step to identify fake organic food is the points which we have given above which you may identify the real organic foods to an extent. Below are the three easy steps to identify Organic Foods.

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3 steps to Identify Organic Foods
  1. Organic Food Logo: Jaivik Bharat Logo is the logo that is designed in order to identify Real Organic Foods from fake organic products and fake Organic Foods. The Organic Food Logo will be completely in green color. It consists of letter capital O with a leaf on the left side and a tick mark on the above side of the second the leaf. The tick mark indicates the certification of FSSAI to the respective Organic Product or Organic Food. The two green leaves represent nature. The circle or letter o indicates the holistic wellness at a global platform while synthesizing or producing or cultivating organic foods or products. The whole logo will be in green color that represents the agriculture eco-friendly environment with sustainability and healthy life of the consumer or Organic Food consumer.
  2. Organic Food tester: Even though it is difficult to test Organic food at the consumer level, it may be tested in various residue laboratories by sending the sample or doubtful organic food to the respective lab. It may be known as organic food testing lab. Sometimes, it may also incur a huge cost to test a single sample of doubtful organic products.
  3. Organic foods from farmers: Nowadays, many marginal farmers are producing organic foods like Organic fruits, organic vegetables, organic rice, etc. at their own fields which we can trust them easily. Such type of direct farmer field Organic produced may also cost less price as compared to the certified Organic grower. In addition, there are also some FPO s or Farmer Producer Organisations where they sell organic products directly to some regular customers at specific points or locations.

This is all about simple and easy ways to identify fake organic foods or organic products from the real ones and easy steps to know genuine organic foods.


JaivikBharath logo is the simple, easy and one and only way to identify Organic Food. Hope you never go for uncertified organic food and only buy Organic Food if it has JavikBharath logo simply Organic Food logo.

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