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Best Fertilizer for Money Plant: Homemade, Natural, and Liquid

Money plants are growing slowly and takes time for them to grow. But there are times when plants may be tilted with dim leaves, which may be caused by some mineral deficiency. While plants can develop their food through the process of photosynthesis, fertilizers provide additional nutrients that are essential for plant growth, helpful in the production of enzymes, vitamins, compounds, and hormones. Let’s check out the best fertilizer for money plant.

Best Fertilizer for Money Plant

The word fertilizer can be used for any natural and synthetic material that plants are provided for better growth. They provide plants with essential nutrients, which will help them grow. When it comes to commercial cultivation, fertilizer meets the specific food requirements of the plant. Moreover, they increase production as plants produce their maximum when they get all the required nutrients.

Choosing commercial fertilizers for the Money plant can be difficult as there are many options in the market. Homemade fertilizer is a good option for you. You just need to be careful. Most plants should grow in botanical condition for weeks before roots and be ready to go. The Money plant can have its roots in hours. One thing that needs to be known is how much water the Money plant needs to survive.

Money plants require much less water than most people supply, so don’t give them much water. If you leave the Money plant out, it will flourish in the whole sun. It makes its fertilizer, so give it only water and room. The Money plant is a good-looking indoor plant that can grow in both soil and water. Using homemade fertilizer for water Money plants helps you grow Money plants healthy in water at almost no cost.

Best natural liquid fertilizers for Money plant growing in the water

Plants require a large amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus for good growth. When we grow plants in water, they get fewer nutrients than they get from a good potting mix or soil. Tap water consists of plenty of sodium, manganese, and calcium. If it is full of minerals, it also contains high amounts of boron and chlorine. It also lacks nutrients like potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen that the plant most needs. 

  • A mixture of Eggshells with water 
  • A mixture of banana peels 
  • Tea is used as fertilizer 
  • Cow dung mixture 
  • Seaweed compound as fertilizer
  • Liquid fertilizer from kitchen waste 
  • Animal manure with water 

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Money Plant
Image Source: Pixabay

Commercial fertilizers for Money plant in pots

The Money plant is undoubtedly one of the most popular houseplants, so you will see that commercial fertilizers have been specially made for it. Depending on the brand, there may be some changes, but they will all be well prepared according to your needs. If you are not getting any special fertilizer for Golden Pothos, keep in mind that the nutrients they need most are nitrogen and potassium.

Knowing this, you can choose 7-3-6, 8-4-6, or 7-4-7 mix, any of which works very well. As you can see in all cases, the most concentrated nutrient is nitrogen and potassium. Finally, many gardeners recommend the use of balanced fertilizers. A very common example is 15-15-15. It is very easy to find widely used fertilizer in any nursery.

Natural fertilizers for the Money plant in pots

More and more gardeners are trying to do so these days without commercial additions. Do not apply strange chemical products to your plants in particular. So, they choose organic alternatives, which have many benefits and some disadvantages. In general, the use of commercial fertilizers in house plants is more practical. Several homemade organic fertilizers can be very useful for you.

  • Compost – It is a result of the dissolution of organic waste that we produce at home. Its composition is very miscellaneous, but it always contains high levels of nitrogen. Whenever you’re going to apply it, do it when it’s completely rotten.
  • Milk-based fertilizer – One of the easiest fertilizers to make is based on milk. Make a mixture of 90% water and 10% milk and apply directly. It will add some nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to your Money plant.
  • Fish tank water – Another way to get fertilizer most easily is to wash water from a fish tank. So, if you have a fish tank in your house, save it from a fish tank when cleaning the water, then you can apply it as irrigation, you will provide enough nitrogen.

When and how to fertilize the Money plant in pots

  • For healthy, long-lived Money plants, you should compost once a month during the growing season with a mixture that has been diluted to half the strength. Initially, Money plants collect nutrients from their potting soil, but after 6 to 12 months, the source is exhausted and additional nutrients should be added through fertilizer.
  • It is quite easy to grow a Money plant. If you choose to use commercial fertilizers, start by reading instructions for use. Every good fertilizer container has instructions. In general, 7-3-6 or similar to the fertilizer mixture, the mixture is 10ml for every 10 liters of water. 

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Devil's ivy
Image Source: Pixabay
  • You can replace commercial fertilizers with homemade fertilizers. Another option is to make a mixed application agreeing to use commercial and domestic fertilizers.
  • The fertilization should start in May and end in October, regardless of the type of fertilizer you choose. It can be applied every 15 or 20 days and is always accompanied by abundant irrigation.
  • The cultivation of this plant directly in water is also very common. In these cases, fertilizers are more needed because water does not contain many essential nutrients. So, it’s good to apply a little fertilizer whenever you change the water. Add liquid mixture 7-3-6 to a quarter concentration of what is suggested in the container. This should be enough for the proper growth of your Money plant in water.

Best Fertilizer for Money Plant: Grow healthy and bushy Money plant

  • It’s all about the right resources, like nutrients and water that plants get. The supply of fertilizers like the solution of the seaweed will fill the fertilizer soil with nutrients that leech away over time. If cutting is kept in water, just replace tap water regularly.
  • Light is the fuel of the process of making food for each plant called photosynthesis. While they can be grown in low light, a good face of bright sunlight will sunlight in rapid growth and bright-looking leaves.
  • A very common problem observed with the Money plant is browning the tips, which indicates abnormal water. To keep checking when to do water, do a sticky test. If the soil sticks to your fingers, it means that the soil is moist and does not need water. Let the soil dry, when the soil feels powdery, it is the right time for water. Ensure well water until it drains out of the holes below the drainage.

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Grow Money Plant at Home
  • Pruning helps to stimulate healthy growth and sometimes removes dead leaves and branches. Trimming the heads of your Money plant helps to start side growth and make the plant feel bushy and heavy.
  • If we want big leaves on the Money plant, you have to work to maintain moisture and provide less water in the immediate environment. Maintain moisture for this, just water through the spray, in this way we can have large leaves on the Money plant. For fast results we can give liquid fertilizer it can be both organic or chemical, so there are many ready-made options available for chemicals but we have a limited option for organic i.e., used tea, mustard cake, cow dung, vermicompost. 

Common questions about growing Money plant

Why is my Money tree is not growing?

  • If your money tree lacks nutrients, the Money plant is not grown well. 
  • If you are giving more water or less water to your Money plant, the Money plant is not grown well. 
  • If your Money plant is not getting the right amount of light, the Money plant is not grown well.
  • If your Money plant is not getting enough moisture, the Money plant is not growing well.
  • If your Money plant has insects, the Money plant is not grown well.
  • If your money tree pot is too small, the Money plant is not grown well.

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Money Plant
Image Source: Pixabay

How to grow a Money plant fast in water?

  • Don’t grow in plastic bottles
  • Trim the leaves and stems of the disease
  • Refill water regularly
  • Provide indirect or filtered sunlight
  • Prune thin stems
  • Shower the plant
  • Use liquid fertilizers

Can urea fertilizers be used for Money plants?

Urea is a naturally occurring substance with a high nitrogen count. Nitrogen is ever-present in the air but plants are not able to harvest nitrogen from the environment. Urea works very fast on plants and contains large amounts of salts. Salts can be formed in pot soil and eventually poison the plant, so it is important to use urea fertilizer properly to avoid problems. Urea is well used in a foliar spray, where the plant can immediately use what it needs and the rest becomes steam. 


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